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  1. The investigator is what his signature says. investigator | Financial Ombudsman Service
  2. Sorry, I just saw this - I went to live in Ireland due to serious health issues. They are now sorted thankfully and I am back in the UK. Natwest settled and so did my other creditor. But it a serious family issue for them to work with me - I wouldn't recommend that route to anyone. I was in a very bad place back in 2011 - thank you guys for having so much patience with me. Reading over old posts is embarrassing. I hope the other guy got his case sorted out too.
  3. Hi guys, I actually had a very quick reply from the FOS. Less than a month after I made a complaint I had the answer - not the one I wanted but the service was quick, professional and the guy was extremely easy to deal with. My complaint was re MBNA. I took out a credit card in 2006 - fell into arrears in 2009 - finally came to an agreement with them in 2010. I maintained the arrangement to pay and then they sold the debt to IDEM in 2012. Due to serious illness, I couldn't keep payments up with IDEM and now pay them 15 per month. Arrears are 9144 on 10
  4. It's been a long time but we finally got an answer on both accounts. The solicitors involved prior to the new management agents made quite a few mistakes, the least of which appears to be what they tried to do to us. All the "debts" they said we owed despite the CCJ being issued and paid, were wiped out. The management agent finally accepted our proof of payment and the copies of all our correspondence. Thank you to all those who helped us to get this issue sorted. It just goes to show that just because you get solicitor letters and court letters, it doesn't mean yo
  5. Thank you so much for replying. I have sent them a letter today asking for a full breakdown of figures. Thankfully I kept a copy of everything issued by the Court previously.
  6. The CCJ was registered on 10 July 2014 and cleared in full shortly thereafter. I have the letter from the court showing a CCJ was entered but it was removed on payment within the 14 days. This is what I don't understand. How can the new solicitors threaten to go to Court on a debt the court has already ruled upon.
  7. Thank you so much SabreSheep - I thought the same but I have little experience in this area. Thanks for responding Mariner 51. I can assure you that I have been completely 100% honest -it would be pointless to ask for help and not give the facts The reason for the increase in figures is, I think, the fact that they would/should have added 2015 management charges to the bill. But they do not appear to have taken into account either 1) the existing legal action having been taken or 2) the payments made. I do not know for sure having had no accounts. Not sure what you
  8. Thanks Citizen B. Thats what I thought although I wasnt sure. A CCJ was issued for apartment 2 so I am guessing that they cannot sue us again for the same debt. But I am not sure what happens to the debt under apartment one given no judgement was made by the court. I contacted the court to tell them about the letter to NRAM and they then replied to say they had closed the case due to lack of contact from the claimants solicitors. So can a new management company (and new solicitors) just start over again?
  9. Thanks Andy, I really wasnt sure which thread to post it in and I need all the help I can get.
  10. Hi everyone, I hope I have the correct forum I need help with a debt relating to management charges on two apartments. On the 24 February 2014 Northampton County Court served us with papers in respect of outstanding service charges. A1111111 name of apartment one in the amount of £3752.01 A2222222 name of apartment two in the amount of £3812.03 We challenged the figures sought by the managing agents and their solicitors, advising the Court that we had never received (and still haven't) statements of accounts. We agreed we owed service charges but believed the figur
  11. Thanks DX but I am not giving up just yet I think Natwest believes that they have something to hide. They were supposed to send me a copy of all correspondence on file which they didnt. I made regular payments on the account - I paid something every month and the arrears were a lot higher previously but I always paid them down. They didnt send me copies of my request to make lower payments for a short time or their response that they would accept £70 per month but the payments werent acceptable. This was at the same time the default was issued. This makes me think they deliberately le
  12. Thanks DX. No the charges weren't the only problem on the account. I forgot about a dd that had been going out of that account for $20 per month so that would be included in the arrears. Between May 08 and the date of default- I was only charged £72. The arrears at the time of the default were £81. So what now? I am totally confused and have been trying to read around the posts on here. Please continue to help me.
  13. Hi guys I got a response to my SAR and now need some more help and advice please. I opened my account in 1997 and all they have sent me are 1) copy statements since August 2005 2) A copy of a log since July 2010 They have also written to me saying that 1) they have supplied copy statements covering up to the last six years or from account opening date. Should any months be missing this may be due to inactivity on the account or we were unable to obtain them from our system. (they only gave me from August 2005) 2) A copy of the manual notes applied to your a
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