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  1. Have had a look through the SAR info I received and it looks like Arrow purchased this debt.In any case, should I do a CCA request to both Arrow and MBNA or just Arrow?TIA
  2. Furthermore - should I sent a SAR to MBNA directly too? Did I make the wrong move sending a SAR to Arrow Global? A bit confused here!
  3. Should I send the CCA request to Arrow or MBNA?If I send to Arrow, do they then have to request it from MBNA or will they write back and say that they don't have it and advise me to send a second CCA request directly to MBNA
  4. Interesting!By the way - I do mean to use paragraphs but for some reason my posts seem to come out in one big block on here!
  5. for anyone interested in this sort of case - I am holding off sending SB for the time being, partly because I am a little apprehensive and also don't want to rush things in case I am not over the 6 year limit yet (although I actually believe the clock started ticking in April 2003). I am worried that SLC may have held off sending a default notice for several years and the National Debtline suggested that this is when the clock starts ticking which is to the contrary of the advice given on here. Not sure who is right???!! If I get a 'pre court action' letter, that will trigger me to send SB letter. Please let me know if there is a flaw in this strategy. On other thing to thorw in to the mis is that the debt seemed to be transfered to Thesis (a couple of years ago) and now it is the SLC chasing me again. Is this normal? Whatever happens with this case, I will keep this thread updated in the hope that it is useful to others that may find themselves in this situation.
  6. I assume that if the original signed copy of the agreement exists, it will be held by MBNA.I am unclear as to whether Arrow have bought the debt or are acting on behalf of MBNA. What is the usual situation with regards to MBNA/Arrow Global? Does anyone know?
  7. Ok will do.If they have a valid agreement then sobeit.I have my doubts as don't think I ever made a proper agreement with them. It was from back in the days when they were issuing credit cards to household pets!
  8. I was recently threatened by Wilkin Chapman Grange/Arrow Global for an old MBNA debt. I thought it was statute barred so sent the letter only to find out that I was mistaken as a payment was made in 2007. Following that I sent a SAR letter (with £10 postal order) and specifically requested a copy of the signed agreement. Within the docs I have received, there were only system logs (no correspondance), my recent letters (SB and SAR). No signed agreement which the said they do not hold. They suggested I could get a copy if I sent a CCA request. Should I now send a CCA request? I actually remember when the agreement was made - it was outside a football stadium in 1999 and they tempted me with a free t-shirt on a cold night. I gave insufficient details, they wrote and asked for more, I ignored then they sent me the card anyway. I doubt I ever agreed t&cs but was in financial difficulty so started to use the card. Any comment on this situation and what move I should make?
  9. Thanks Would really appreciate some further viewsbefore playing my hand. Anyone out there that has been through a case like this before????
  10. Thanks again for your reply. My main concern remains that there is a difference of opinion with regards to DNs and the 6 year period. See this thread:forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=738991I ndeed there are many threads like this on the internet but many of them seem to fizzle out which makes me worry that many fail to win their cases in these circumstances. If people had won, I'd have expect them to be forthcoming and post updates on their threads. I know I will on here as what happens to me can be used tol help others. It may be that a default was issued over 6 years ago but I cannot be certain. Even though my first payment was due in April 2003, there is a chance that they didn't issue a default until many years later. There is no sign of one on my Equifax report though. Can anyone provide further evidence to suggest that, in my situation, the loan will be statute barred in practice? Any success/failure stories? not sure why, but I am having problems submitting stuff on here today. Formatting not as I intended (was supposed to be several paragraphs)
  11. this is a very interesting thread and I am following with interest. Well done for keeping this all updated and good luck
  12. Right, I'm going to go through my bank statements carefully to check that no payment has been taken without my knowledge in the last 6 years. If this is confirmed, then I'll send the SB letter. From what I have read elsewhere, they will most likely come back and argue that it is not SB.
  13. Thanks for your reply. I hope you are right. The pessimist in me thinks that this would be too good to be true. I don't understand how they would let 6 years pass when theyve had my address all this time. Are there any success stories on here from a similar case? Also, what about anyone getting caught out by delayed default notices preventing the limitation period starting? Perhaps I am worrying unduly. Thesis were chasing me but now the letters are coming directly form SLC, the latest received today saying I have ten days from the date of the letter to contact them (that period has already expired as the letter is dated from about 15 days ago). Should I respond to this latest one (with statute barred letter) or wait and see if they issue court papers?
  14. Hi, I am trying to deal with various debts at themoment. One of them is a student loan and they are nowchasing me for full payment (nearly £13k). I would be prepared totalk to them but they are insisting on full payment (in theirletters) which I cannot afford. They are now threatening courtaction. If I get done for this, then I don't know how I will cope. Some background about this case: 1. The original loan was taken out in Sept 1997 and wastopped up in 98,99,00,01 (5 years). I believe that all loans were, ineffect, part of the same 'old style' agreement (they cannot takedirectly from my wages) 2. Due to problems at the time, I didn't get roundto deferring the loan repayment when it became due. I left uni inJune 2002 and believe that they would have expected the firstinstalment paid to them in 2003 3. My memory is a bit sketchy but I believe thatthey started to chase for payments the following year but I did not make any tothem 4. They then carried out an aggressive campaign byharassing my mother (even though I did not live at that address),sending postcards saying that 'someone would be turning up to speakto me' etc. I admit that I went for the ostrich approach as didn'tknow how to handle the situation at the time 5. They do have my current address which I movedinto in 2003 6. To the best of my knowledge, I have never madea payment or acknowledged the debt since it became due for repayment 7. I think I remember a default notice arriving in thepost but cannot remember with any certainty when this was My question is - Is this debt likely to be statutebarred? If it is, then I can call the shots when deciding how much Ican afford to make any repayments and they can't CCJ me. From what I have read, I think I may have a goodcase but the mind can play tricks. My main concern is determiningwhen the 6 year limitation period commenced. Is it when the firstpayment became due (as in the terms of the loan agreement) or is itwhen they issued a default notice? If the latter, when would they normally issue adefault notice? Could they have waited until after 2005 (after 2years of missed payments) before putting the account into default inorder to avoid the limitation period commencing? I checked my Equifax credit report and nothing isshowing about this debt on there. Do SLC use Equifax or should Icheck Experian to see if there is a default on there? I am slightlyreluctant to as checking your credit report alerts all my othercreditors. What else do I need to check regarding this case? Any advice or pointers would be much appreciated. I may have made some incorrect assumptions about my case and would rather find out from the CAG community first rather than getting a nasty surprise later on. Many thanks (I hope I have put this in the right category. If I haven't, I apologise. This is my first post)
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