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  1. Thank you! I have given 28 days notice this morning... took pot luck I could do it. They have not done epc, so no epc included in the marketing, so guess they are breaking ST law? Is my contract null and void if this is the case? thanks again.
  2. Our house is on the market, the estate agents are useless, 4 viewings in almost eight weeks! we have to give 28 days notice but are tied in for 12 weeks, week 8 today, can I give my 28 days notice today, or do I have to wait until the 12 weeks are up then give notice? Also they said they would pay for the epc, which I am sure is required by law before house is marketed (?) this they haven't done yet..... are they in breach of contract? thanks folks!!
  3. No not self employed, he drives for a contractor who has council contract for highways maintenance, his lorry was full of grit, on the way to do grit run.
  4. My son had an accident while working, he drives a lorry, he was on the motorway and was involved in an accident involving 3 other cars. Accident was not his fault, he has whiplash and back pain, and cant work/drive at the moment. He is not getting any pay, I would have thought that he would be on normal pay as accident at work. Does any one know the law? thank you.
  5. Thank you ericsbrother, its as I thought, but will keep trying to get in touch with them. Who or what is TPAS?
  6. Hi hope some one has the answer for me. My dad who is now in a care home with Dementia, worked for Johnsons wax, he has a pension with them titled 'retirement and life assurance plan'. Does this mean he has life insurance with this plan,(just hoping there would be something to cover funeral costs when the inevitable happens). what I can make of the 'plan' his life was covered while working but doesn't mention in retirement. Have tried phoning the only number I have and being held in a queue with a promisr of a call back which doesn't happen! thank you Jill
  7. Have googled it, cag it and searched Honest John site, nothing..... so must be good,yes?
  8. Hi looking to but a car (Honda Hr-v ) Timotor in Aylsbury have a nice one, just wondering if any body has had any problems with then in the past, or any good feedback!! thank you!
  9. Hi, My dad has been admitted to hospital, not looking too good at the moment, he may have to go into care, Have bben looking through his papers and found some of his pension papers, these papers also have Life assurance on them, what is this, does this mean he has a lump sum on his death, for funeral expensis, cant find any thing that telss me what it means. Sorry for numpty question!! thanks for any help. jill
  10. I have written to watchdog with this problem, asking them to get an answer from ford. matbe you should too? http://www.bbc.co.uk/watchdog/gotastory/
  11. its been such a long time for got i started this thread! UPDATE ....... Going to court, 2nd October. will let you know outcome.
  12. you will be on probation, so as far as i am aware no notice is needed
  13. I have read that the turbo failure is due to the 3rd injector leaking, a carbon build up from the leaking injector in the oil, then blocks filters, and there are several in the tdci engine, just needs one, (usually dpf) to block for turbo failure. this the link to the Honest John website http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?t=91541#m1055461
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