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  1. On 23 march I logged into my account and paid an estimated bill around £500 and submitteda meter reading I had taken. I then a couple of days later logged on to see a revised bill so I sent this: Npower site 27 march2013 Account number&*&^%$££”!” You have don it again. You do notsend notification via email or letter for a bill. I have to log on tofind a bill awaiting that is paid in full. You estimate everything soI supply reading and you send a reminder out to me of outstandingbill. Well what happens when you over estimate and I have paid billyou take it off the next bill. So I will employ your policy and waituntil the next bill to pay out standing charge that you would nothave had any idea of unless I informed you. Useless is yourcompany as you have failed with the simplest of things and that is toissue me with a bill until a reminder. I was received areminder letter from Collects Direct dated 3 April 13 but fell on mydoor step on 8 April 13 stating “We got in touch recently to remindyou that your bill hasn't been paid yet” This is untrue as I didnot receive any correspondences from either Npower or CollectionsDirect. I called Collections Direct and the following was said: I asked when the emailswere sent out? 3 dates supplied and none sent at all and I checked myspam filter, This has been an ongoing problem with Npower I alsoconfirmed email address. I have paid my bill andthis needs to go onto next bill as this is taken from my meterreading. I would pay next billdate which I was informed would be the 10 May 13. I asked why they do notplace notification on the bills when the next bill is due so an up todate reading can be undertaken? Reply “we only have to read metresonce every two years” I also asked why mymoney is not given back to me when I over pay due to theirestimations been two high? Reply “because you have not asked forit” I asked what my rightswere? There were no response to this question. I stated that I hadmade an offer and no Judge in their right mind will go against this. I also agreed for themto contact me via telephone then informed them that I record allconversations. I was informed that aletter would be following dated 13 April 13 stating charges I wouldincur. This letter arrived today 25 April 13 dated 19 April 13stating I have 7 days from letter date to pay or they have the rightto enter and that extra cost will follow stating £315.65 per fuel. I had made an offer topay as above but I get the feeling they want me to go Direct Debitand simply want my bank details. I did state that they have never hada problem with me paying my bill. I have also given meter readingsafter paying a bill and never had such a response from Npower. I am considering makingan offer to pay £1 per month via cheque starting 10 May but I do notwant to do this as I see this as a bullying tactic. Although if thisstops them reporting me to Debt Collection Agency and moreimportantly Credit Reference Agency and Fraud Prevention Agency asstated in their letter then I may do this. I am also consideringletting this run its cause and go to court as failings are beenexploited but I need reassurance, experiences and legalities tofollow this rout. Any advice greatlyreceived and pointing me in the right direction where legislation orNpower procedures may help.
  2. Hi 515 All I can say is perceiver and dont stop sending the multipul emails as you have to show you have tried to contact them to solve the issues with your order, if you take it to court. Stay chipper and good luck
  3. Its taken some time but my persistence has paid off and have received a full refund. I did consider the charge-back option but went for emailing them at all their departments with the same email. The email consisted of their own confirmation codes and copy of each email i had sent. This made for one seriously long email after seven days of emails. Took the sites advice on recording all my phone calls with them as well. Thanks for the help and advice.
  4. Took Deliver of an alleged Joseph Wave Memory Luxury Mattress Double on the 4 May 2011 from online retailer Mattress World, email said company 2 hours later and on other occasions with problems with this mattress but only reply as below. List of items and references to the case have been removed but was included in the letter sent. The following letter was posted registered mail today and I will follow up on the deadlines. Is this unreasonable on my half and what should I expect? Has any one had the same problem with Mattress World trading name of World Stores Ltd? ------------------------ DearSir / Madam Thisis my last informal communication with your company as all previouscontact has not been acted upon with respect to to the below: Ihave taken still photos and videos during and after unpacking of themattress. It is intended that this is to aid in ensuring all goodsare of satisfactory standard as an evidence base. This is to satisfy: Saleof Goods Act 1979. Supplyof Goods and Services Act 1982. Saleand Supply of Goods Act 1994. ConsumerProtection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000. TheSale and Supply of Goods to Consumers Regulations 2002. Underthe collective acts I brought your attention to the quality ofservice and goods that include fitness for purpose, freedom fromminor defects, appearance and finish along with durability via twoemails (copy of email enclosed) dated 4 May 2011: To:customersservice at((*&^))with photos attached showing you some of what I found on unpacking.Reply from this email: Our dedicated email team aim to respond to allemails within 24 hours. Still awaiting correspondence. andvia submitting the same email without photos due to your site unableto place attachments To:http:/&^%$(((((*&^%$))))Copy of this correspondence sent via http address 8 May 2011 &Joe and Richard at world stores as its impossible to get a postaladdress Nocontact by any Mattress World trading name of World Stores Ltdoperative since the above dates leads me to believe you are awaitingthe seven day cooling off period has expired and the fact that thisitem was not vacuum packed leads me to believe this is a counterfeitgood or World Stores are trading unfairly. Due to this the followingcharges apply; MattressCost: £299.99 PillowCost: £29.99 StorageFee of goods per or part of 24 hour: £130 PerLetter Fee: £50 PerPhone conversation at hourly or part hourly rate: £30 Copyof photos/video per single item in format of my choice: £10 AllCourt Cost and Fees to met by World Stores Ltd Youhave until 11 May 2011 at 1000 to satisfactory complete as percontract. If no action is taken further proceedings will follow 11May 2011 at 1001 with the extended fees sought after above in court. Regards ---------------------- All advice greatly recived. ------------------- Some pictures of what was deliverd
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