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  1. On 23 march I logged into my account and paid an estimated bill around £500 and submitteda meter reading I had taken. I then a couple of days later logged on to see a revised bill so I sent this: Npower site 27 march2013 Account number&*&^%$££”!” You have don it again. You do notsend notification via email or letter for a bill. I have to log on tofind a bill awaiting that is paid in full. You estimate everything soI supply reading and you send a reminder out to me of outstandingbill. Well what happens when you over estimate and I have paid billyou take it off the n
  2. Hi 515 All I can say is perceiver and dont stop sending the multipul emails as you have to show you have tried to contact them to solve the issues with your order, if you take it to court. Stay chipper and good luck
  3. Its taken some time but my persistence has paid off and have received a full refund. I did consider the charge-back option but went for emailing them at all their departments with the same email. The email consisted of their own confirmation codes and copy of each email i had sent. This made for one seriously long email after seven days of emails. Took the sites advice on recording all my phone calls with them as well. Thanks for the help and advice.
  4. Took Deliver of an alleged Joseph Wave Memory Luxury Mattress Double on the 4 May 2011 from online retailer Mattress World, email said company 2 hours later and on other occasions with problems with this mattress but only reply as below. List of items and references to the case have been removed but was included in the letter sent. The following letter was posted registered mail today and I will follow up on the deadlines. Is this unreasonable on my half and what should I expect? Has any one had the same problem with Mattress World trading name of World Stores Ltd? ------------------
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