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  1. @mike91collins that was the basis of my complaint. i had transferred my landline from talk talk to auracall because they had a anytime plan which for £5pm allowed you to call any UK landline and international number at any time without charge subject to the standard limit of each call being no longer than 60 minutes in length. no where in the advert did it state that this plan came with 700 minutes a month. the likes of t-mobile, o2 etc always state how many minutes their plan came with and as far as i am aware bt landline and talk talk landline did not come with montlhy minute all
  2. Update. So I have been with auracall for about 1.5 years and they have now increased their inclusive minutes to 1500 minutes a month which is better than the rediculous 700 minutes a month landline to landline call allowance. I have emailed their customer service several times and they have always responded the next day which is fairly good. They are ok with regard to value for money if you make a lot of foreign calls but they are not great value if you only call UK landlines mainly.
  3. Has anyone had a problem with this phone company? I recently signed up to a 12 months landline contract with them and found them to be terrible. They started to charge me even before the landline was switched over. Their billing system is (Edit) as it charges you for calls that should be within your talk allowance and calls that you have not made. They also have misleading advertising, comparing their product with BT and TalkTalk, but their anytime call plan only allows 700 minutes of talk time a month, which is not much when this is for landline calls, including those made in the evening
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