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  1. Hello all, 6 months later and sure enough I am back to square one. only this time they have passed the debt on. apparently they had been emailing me for the review etc etc. only knew about this when they rang me. told them on the phone they should email me as i will not discuss the account over the phone. the woman didnt like it but i wouldnt have anything to say to her, i wanted it in writing. she accused me of ignoring emails and i told her i had no emails from them and gave them another one to contact me with. still heard nothing from them until i got an email (to my old address) from
  2. Just thought I would update as this matter finally got resolved on the 8th of June! I had enough of their rubbish and emailed complaints who then tried telling me the exact same thing. Until i sent them this email : Richard, I appreciate that it is regular that you hear people on a daily basis claiming that they can not afford higher repayments, but trust me if I could pay more I would. I am simply refusing to provide documents that are legally unnecessary. I have provided more then substantial evidence in my income and expenditure form to support what I am telling you and your
  3. seems as Lewis finally got the message... as from my last email I have had no reply... (I bet I have jinxed it now lol) only thing I have had since was a text message to my phone asking to ring them which I haven't and have no intention of doing Caroline 1 WDA 0 whoo lol thanks for your help guys xx
  4. nope still didnt learn... oh well I am standing my ground on this one... and I am still refusing to budge with giving them the bank statements hes throwing all his toys out of his pram now and I have told him if he so wishes he can stick the account back into processing at his own companies expense as I will not be paying any more then the £376.50 that I know I owe, and until I can afford more I will only be paying the £1 per month. copy of the email for you all to enjoy is under here I have already proved I can not afford to increase my monthly payment. I have actually provide
  5. theres been some pretty shifty looking men stalking my grans house lately. dads terrified to change address incase he loses out and he really has to keep his car for auntie and mam
  6. copy of the email im sending them: Dear Lewis, I have just this minute gotten off the phone with the CCCS, they have informed me that I am right to not provide you with bank statements. Therefore I will not be providing you with anything other then basic income and expenditure. If you so wish to carry on processing the account then please do so. I will not be paying any more then I owe. I will continue to make token payments and should anything in my personal circumstances change then your company, along with the other creditors, shall be informed in due course. In the me
  7. well cccs say i am in the right for standing my ground to not give them bank statements (not even my bank account anyways) so sending a strongly worded polite email to them right now informing them of my refusal feeling better now well a little bit lol thanks guys xx
  8. broke its all been done via email so no phone calls though i am tempted to phone them up and give them what for. brigadier - im now on the phone to cccs as an old council tax bill of my partner has come back to haunt him. they refusing the £1 pcm because it is "unreasonable" but anyways ringing the cccs so gonna see what they say about it all lol. will update once off the phone with them xx
  9. ok will do. so stressed. cant even concentrate in college at the moment
  10. lol i wish i spoke too soon and he replied not long after i replied to you. basically saying they still want the bank statement and can not put me on a repayment plan until i supply it. asked him nicely to put account on hold while i awaited cccs and cab advice but he has refused saying that they cant hold accounts purely on request unless i have provided the documents and im now gonna get charged interest and fees. im pulling my hair out now, im almost bald lol.
  11. ok brigadier thanks very much they have stopped replying at the moment after my last email to them was something along the lines of telling them until I heard back from the CCCS/CAB about my rights I would still be paying £1 token payment as I cant afford to pay any more. and I wasnt prepared to put mine and my familes home at risk by missing out on payments to rent and council tax etc etc for a relatively small amount of debt. so i may have upset him a little oops lol. nevermind. thanks again
  12. Still more emails today and they are still banging on about they are within their rights to request bank information to back up the financial statement! I am waiting on CCCS and CAB getting back in touch with me, but still nothing from them as yet... can some one give me some legislation or something I can throw at them, they are telling me that they can no longer have this payment plan in place of £1 per month, and can split it over 3 months. I have told them I can not afford this. And I also told them that I will still be paying my token payments of £1 per month. I have already bee
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