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  1. I reckon they want to invite us all to the Christmas party but they're too shy to ask.
  2. Same here, my amount was nearer to 700.00 though! Nothing has vanished yet.
  3. I received a similar text at the same time but with a much, much higher amount. No money has vanished so far, wonder if it's just a tactic?
  4. Long story short : had a CFO loan a long time ago, been unsuccessfully trying negotiate. I changed my bank account over a year back and nobody has the new details. I've shopped online using my card the past week or so. Just got this message : "£xxx.xx has been deducted from your account. We have taken the amount from your CFO balance but no formal arrangement is in place. Please call... " Checked my online banking, nothing taken. If it vanishes I know who to contact but what are the chances? Where could they have gotten my details from? (edit: just realised that Lowells had my card number. Cleared an account with them. Would they have passed it on?)
  5. I had a plan of £50 pm and have their bank detail if you need them - unfortunately for me they've now set freds on me even though i've made payments on time
  6. make sure you're not giving them your card details to pay.
  7. look out for me walking in circles as i try to work out who you all are
  8. checked my file, there are no new additions. Not dealing with any DCAs at the moment, which is why I'm confused. Also confused as it's not the normal number that his "people" use to call others?
  9. Here's an interesting one. I've taken to putting my phone on silent when I'm at work so I can effectively ignore marketing calls and such like. Just checked and I had a missed call from 01932 833 907. A bit of googling leads me to Crellins Carter solicitors. It appears to be Bryan Carter's direct line. Somewhat confused - not had any communication from his lot or any of the DCAs who he trolls for. Am I right in thinking something isn't correct here - just feels wrong.
  10. buses are normal today so all seems well. what sort of time are people thinking? all a flutter now.
  11. as lovely as that suggestion is, got a houseful of pets to get back to
  12. it really depends on what happens with public transport for me. if the buses/trains end up stopping early, i'll be stranded in bham :/
  13. same with me and QQ, they won't budge. their current stance is that my offer isn't good enough so they're going to keep pestering me. which is nice.
  14. I know what you mean about that, I spent most of last night on facebook trying to stop rumours that were popping up. The retail park next to my house was mentioned constantly as having been "done over". Eventually, a gang appeared but luckily there was a high police presence and they got moved along. Very lucky that the damage in Wolverhampton was limited. Waiting to see what this evening brings now.
  15. This is how we dealt with the looters during the Wolverhampton clean-up this morning: taking our city back.
  16. That might be a good idea SG. The city is on lockdown again this evening, I am hoping the trouble stops very soon.
  17. is the cheque centre one an in-store loan? close the old account - they raided mine even though i'd cancelled the card.
  18. there are already a few tumblr accounts set up to shop the looters via cctv footage.
  19. I'm still getting upset when I see the reports of that shop. Mindless idiots. My local radio station are scaremongering by reporting how we can aviod trouble here tonight.
  20. The Halifax Easycash is a basic bank account - they're really just looking after your money like a piggybank. A basic credit search is involved to prove your identity and prevent fraud etc, but it's not visible to other lenders. Sadly this means that the account won't improve your credit rating.
  21. It was retweeted to West Midlands Police pretty sharpish - they know the Tesco he was at (Fiveways, it's empty at this point). 87 Arrests made in the area, hope he's one of them.
  22. Statement from Blackberry: “As in all markets around the world where BlackBerry is available, we cooperate with local telecommunications operators, law enforcement and regulatory officials. Similar to other technology providers in the UK we comply with The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act and co-operate fully with the Home Office and UK police forces.” Means nothing, of course.
  23. I believe this photo says a lot for the rioters' state of mind. http://twitpic.com/634t57 Tesco Value Basmati Rice, anyone?
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