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  1. I have no idea about arguing it. It's been passed over from credit card debts my parents had. They were meeting commitments just fine until my old man fell ill; he had a heart attack and obviously couldn't continue working as a builder. Seeing as it kinda is their debt, I doubt very much there would be any getting out of it. Plus, I think they're worried about rocking the boat, that they will get mean if they go asking for SARs and the like.
  2. Hi All My folks are having a terrible time with a couple of debt collection agencies. They are past retirement age now and being chased for old debts. They were passed onto DCAs a while back, namely Cabbot, Westcott and some other dirty slimeballs. They owe approximately £11000 in all between the various credit card debts and harass my folks daily for more money. They are maintaining ongoing monthly agreements but they try everything to get them to sign into dodgy things like equity releases, dodgy sounding loans and mortgages, the lot. To save them hassle and let them enjoy their ol
  3. These are excellent tips! Thanks guys. I managed to check out only one fiesta today, the guy didn't seem at all interested in carrying out a new MOT as the current one has six months left. I didn't notice about the tyres, though. Should I press for 12 months?
  4. Will dealers generally agree to performing an MOT on a car without me paying up a dime of deposit? Even if the car already has an MOT?
  5. It's not started too well...the first dealer advert I phoned, I could barely get him to admit that it was a car... lol... I have a couple of Fiestas lined up for tomorrow then. Two X plates and a 51 in varying miles from 78 to 110k. Are them RAC inspection things worth the money? I was thinking as the most expensive I've lined up is £1149, I could fit one into the budget... worth doing or waste of money? I'm not a total dunderhead with cars, but I'm no mechanic either... more a Haynes Manual warrior
  6. I have a budget of £1500 max (ideally around the £1200 is better). I'm pretty set on a Mk5 fiesta of some description as I've owned one before and I know how to fix some of the usual niggles. Anyways, I know that budget puts me right in the rent-a-wreck area of the market, I'm just wondering if anyone can give me any tips on not getting ripped off? I am probably going to buy from a dealer on credit card as they seem to offer better protection than cash (I'd pay my card off more or less immediately). Any way to check how good a garage has been with aftersales? Has anyone ever
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