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  1. I appreciate your time with this, i really do. We feel in the position that as this looks like going further and costing us further by showing my cards on a forum visible by all i may hinder what case we actually have. Much thanks again.
  2. Its HireACar who are pushing this although the agreement we had was through Arrowhire. HireACar wanted us to sign a completley different doc for the vehicle even though we shelled out a personal fortune + exchange to buy the car outright as agreed with Arrowhire. When we disputed this thats when it got all messy.
  3. Hi, there was a car exchange and also a substantial deposit paid on ordinary finance to purchase the new car outright. We were advised that Hire A Car had bought the finance agreement from Arrowhire as they went out out of business (although further checks showed this as yet wasn't the case) They then produced a contract hire documentation to sign with a difference of 10k in payments. When we queried the docs (which were never signed by us) they produced an Arrowhuire doc with a dubious signature. The original agreement with Arrowhire to the new doc sent by Hire A Car do not match (price, payments or contract duration) Basically we are stumped by this whole situation as we had taken the agreement in good faith and from our side the original agreement had been honoured on our part and ever since being notified that Arrowhire were going out of business and being asked to complete a whole different agreement through HireACar we've been left with obscene stress and financial strain. I originally hoped by viewing several threads on here that this may offer support but some say it may also be detrimental as Arrowhire scour consumer sites such as this to gather information on cases etc and complaints. Thanks for reading.
  4. Sorry i haven't replied to the previous replies, things have gotten worse and i've been given advise that Arrowhire may be searching for sites like this to gather information. As things stand i'm really not sure as to what to do and although i appreciate any advice offered i've been advised to keep any cards that i have close to my chest incase information is leaked damaging my case.
  5. Hi, As things at the moment are very delicate i have sent you a private message with contact details. Please let me aware of what stage you are at and we can discuss what ways we can help each other out. Thanks
  6. What a power trippin' hungry woman. Shame that both you & your partner have been put through an ordeal. Is there not anyway the council employee can not forward the original email to you also as evidence?
  7. WOW, What can i say? I found this forum looking for assistance & help myself but having come onto your thread Wannabe i've gained so much information and desire to help my own situation. You've come a hell of a long way now, keep at it and no matter how important this is to you, keep light on other important things close to you as this will provide the strength you'll need to see this out. Easier said than done but looking through this today you've already proven your very much capable. Looking forward to seeing you continue to fight the fight. K.
  8. Hi, I really hope you can help as we've already been through the mire with a motor leasing company. We had taken out agreements with a company named Arrowhire and everything was going well until a balliff appeared at our door asking for our car with Arrowhire as it appeared they hadn't fufilled their own agreement with Bank of Ireland. There had also been multiple finance agreements taken out on our car. Although we had made payments, Arrowhire had claimed these hadn't been received (although we've always been able to prove these) We were advised by the balliff and also Bank of Ireland to hand over the keys to our car and when we started to query the other two agreements we then began to face more problems. The balliff and also bank had also advised of several other people who had been affected through this. We were only provided with one set of keys for each vehicle and one morning we woke to find that another vehicle on the agreement (father in laws working van) had been taken from our driveway) Through our own investigations we found out that employees of Arrowhire had come up from England overnight and taken the vehicle which the police have confirmed they shouldn't have done but they would class it as a civil matter. We have learned that Arrowhire have now ceased trading and through again our own investigations have also found that they have also traded under many names and titles. We are now at a stage where those behind these operations are now demanding we return the third vehicle (and this is where it gets tricky) The last vehicle in the agreement is a luxury car which we have already paid thousands towards with the view that the vehicle at the end of the agreement becomes ours to keep. Along with this vast amount of money which has been paid these people now are demanding we return the vehicle along with paying more ££££'s. We feel that as it wasn't our fault agreements had been broken why should we lose out on all the money we have paid towards the car, lose the cars and also have to pay many more ££££'s thereafter. We also are in a position and have been provided legal advice that should we decide to fight our corner in a court (as has been threatened) we stand to lose much more due to legal costs etc. We really are at odds lengths as to where we stand and feel we only have a small number of weeks to get matters dealt with. I have viewed several other threads and haven't come across anything similar. Please, please, please can you offer any assistance or help. Many thanks in advance.
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