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  1. If you read the small print you do not have to pay the charge if you hold another account with them such as a mortgage, credit car of saving accounts. i think you can open a saving accoutn for a £1.00. So they have two options open a credit card or saving account and never use it or move banks. I would change banks just to prove a point
  2. Good luck file wizzard, it needs someone to take it all the way to end the banks playing delaying tactics. According to my letter from the court there was a total of 14 including mine at the case management conference on the 18th October. When Mr Jeremiah was off sick last week no one else in the office had any idea about his work load, if he is still off sick Barclays may miss offering settlement to someone and may have to turn up the case management conference. From reading other threads it looks like every time they settle one case outside the courts, the courts send another ca
  3. Not sure about the others, I know there were a number of us, I would assume Barclays are contacting those referred to the mercantile to arrange individual arrangments. But things may be delayed as poor Mr Jeremiah of Barclays litigation team has been off work sick, I hope its not stress related !!!
  4. I pleased I found this website and glad I am now just reading other threads and passing on my limited knowledge Although I would do it all again, especially when I read in the Daily Mail that the top five banks ( Barclays/HSBC/Natwest/Lloyds/ ??) made 4.6 billion in charges alone last year May the fight continue .............
  5. UPDATE Had letter from the mercantile, advising of case management day, also that the judge had ruled the case would be heard under small claim terms. also got letter from barclays on the same day and all I can say now is that I won't be going to court and I am very happy
  6. I was transfered to the mercantile. I got a letter recently from the court saying the judge said the case was being transfered on small claims terms, ( I would not have to pay costs). however I did write and request this as soon as I knew about the transfer. I also wrote to the FSA, OFT, and my local MP. Got a standard letter back from the FSA, which I threw in the recyle bin, as they clearly had not read what I put in the letter. The letter from the OFT was standard but did have a paragraph that read "OFt has not set a fee, nor does it have the powere to say whether or not te l
  7. Well done Sara - Have a drink for me at the weekend, I am still waiting to hear from Barclays Liz
  8. Just had a call from Dan Pope at the Mercantile court.. Due to the number of cases currently in the system, I am not needed at the case conference on Monday. ( Due to recent events this is not going ahead) All claims against the banks are being sent over the Judge Machie (not sure on spelling) on Monday. After he has reviewed them all a date will be set or I think he will make a judgement once and for all ..not sure But I have been told to wait and not go to court on Monday, which is a shame as I have just left a message on Mr Jeremiah's voicemail telling I would see hiim
  9. Sara have you got the direct line for Dan Pope and the email address so I can follow up and confirm we are being seen together Thanks Liz
  10. Sarajane Sorry for not coming back, been ill. Anyway I will be there Monday, can you PM all the details and what I should be bringing in the way of Documents so I can get them all together. Also do I have to call the courts or can I just turn up as you have already spoken with them. Sorry to be so dim, but not really with it as not feeling 100% Liz
  11. i've just called the mercantile court London, to see why I haven't heard anything, only to be told ( by a very nice lady) that they have a backlog in paper work - about 2 weeks worth. This is is probably why I haven't heard anything directly from the Merantile court..Also something about all their cases are being transferred to the high Court !! which is why there is a back log. - very confusing Wanted to know if all those being sent to Mercantile could join together agianst Barclays, but was told to wait for my letter from the court !! Apparently I should get written confirm f
  12. I haven't heard from the merantile yet, but I agree we should group together. I will call the courts tomorrow to chase them up, got to go now and pick the kids up from after school club Liz.
  13. In my younger days I worked for a building society now bank, and know for a fact that the microfiche was logged in account order, then under each it showed the name and address and account transactions, each branch were sent the relevant mircofiche for their accounts (accounts opened at their branch). A simialr set up is probably in operation at barclays
  14. I posted my claim via moneyonline, they allocated it to Lambeth then I got the letter from Lambeth saying it had been transferred to the London Mercantile. I have not heard anything since, waiting to hear from the Merantile court, with a date for the case management etc etc
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