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  1. hi Well they said that although i'd signed for ppi and i was eligible for it, i was sold too much. They say that given the choice i would have purchased a monthly premium ppi rather than a one off premium added to the loan. So, if i didnt have the lump sum added my ppi would have been £53 monthly (based on FSA recomendations of £9 per £100). They have refunded the difference between £53 and what i actually paid plus 8%. Rob
  2. ok, decision time.... Had an offer from Nemo toady for £3100. At first i was thinking of proceeding with fos as they had admitted the ppi was missold by making me the offer. Over the last couple of hours im thinking £3100 and monthly repayments reduced by £90 isnt a bad deal. This all happens within 28 days where fos could take a year or two and i could still end up with the same offer or less. Wish i was braver and could risk proceeding with this. Thoughts? Rob
  3. Hi Had a read over several threads and im going to try fos 1st so that I've got the court to fall back on. I realise this is the slower way to do it but time isnt a problem. Ill hold of posting the lba until monday just in case their reply is in the post. Are there any examples of lba's or a template? Thanks
  4. Yep, will get it posted tomorrow. Is there a lba template?
  5. Ok, going to have a think about what way to go. Shall i write to nemo and give them another 14 days. Seems strange that they wrote to me saying they would have an answer in 28 days and then nothing either way.
  6. Hi. Just wondering what the next step is. I received a letter from Nemo saying it is still under investigation and i will hear within 28 days, which is tomorrow. Got a feeling i wont hear from them. Is it a LBA next? Thanks Rob
  7. Hi Standard letter received from Nemo, they are investigating my claim and will respond within 56 days. Will post when i hear anything. Rob
  8. Hi This ok for covering letter? I am writing in relation to the above payment protection insurance policy which was added to my loan account number referenced above. I now maintain that I was miss-sold this policy and would like you to investigate my complaint according to your normal complaint procedures. I am looking to claim back all the premiums and interest i have paid in connection with this payment protection insurance from the first payment until the date of your settlement of this claim. Please find enclosed a statement of charges for ppi payments that have been made. Also enclosed is a consumer questionaire from the Financial Ombudsman Service. I look forward to your reply as soon as possible, but in any case, within the eight weeks allowed for responses to complaints by the Financial Services Authority. Yours faithully,
  9. thanks, just one bit on the questionaire where it says ppi policy number (this is different to the account number). I dont have a ppi number, shall i put loan account number in here? Rob
  10. PDF_Output.PD.PDF hope that works ok. let me know if not or if you need to see anything else.
  11. ok, about to post. The total claim is for £5248 plus £974 int. Rob
  12. Ok, ill get it sent of tomorrow which will give us some time to think about the next step. How long do i have to give them to reply to the questionaire?
  13. Thanks dx. I 'd rather do that, thought i had to put some sort of letter with it. Rob
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