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  1. Thanks for all your replys. Yes was looking to see if any other benefits i could claim but looks as though its stick it out and keep fingers crossed, or go for ESA or JSA dont really want either. But thank you all for your help x
  2. Hi there will give you some background infor so you can follow me. I was unemployed for 18ths, last beneift i was on ESA 12 weeks then i came off benefits and went self employed. I recieve RTW (return to work credit) £40.00 per week, i now also get working tax credits 227.00 per month which pays most of my bills with a little for food. I started my own business in june this year i have not taken any money from it, as i work from stock im a nail tech and spray tanner. Every penny has gone back in to replace products i have used, now i am wondering if i can claim income suppo
  3. I have had no more contact from the company despite asking for more info on this debt I asked for the date it was registered as debt and when it was passed to them, no reply and its been just over a week. Shall i send a stauete barred to them?
  4. Finally getting somewhere with this now. They recieved my claim on the 24th july, and work has begun on the claim they said 3 weeks from the 24th, so hopfully not much longer to wait now until it is sorted out.
  5. well that was what i was told lol, looks like the person that told me was wrong. Yes i was making payments but i stopped when i changed banks and the bank didnt transfer all the direct debits correctly and i never bothered to resume payment.
  6. ok i have just checked the message again i got from them and i got the year wrong sorry was 2008 last payment i started paying in 2007. How do i get them to prove i made the last payment?
  7. The company is CREDIT G this is an english debt when i lived there been here nearly 2 years and this is the first time i have been contacted by them, if im right this debt is from 2006 i have emailed them back asking them to provide me with the date it was first classed as debt and the date it was passed to them.
  8. the payment date i got from the company they emailed me today, asi asked for the last supposed date of payment
  9. Ok been told my last payment was 5 2007. Now i am pretty sure the debt has another year on top of that , how do i find this out, i have not addmitted to this debt either.
  10. I am waiting to find out the date of the last payment.
  11. Hi there i have a question or two, for the first time ever i did my credit report and not as bad as i thought, one mistake which i will deal with tomorrow as a dispute with virgin media which is now sorted. The other thing i was told a few years ago if its not on your credit report you dont owe it - now i had a letter from a company called creditg saying they had bought my debt and i still owe about £180 on it. Now this debt i was paying about 4-5 years ago, not sure on dates so i emailed them as asked that they send me any payment info if any on the last date a paym
  12. Well by tuesday of this week i had enough waiting for this form to arrive so rang tax credits and made a formal complaint, spoke to a manager who had then arranged for me to collect the form from hmrc in falkirk filled in and returned by post the same day. The manager said e wasnt even sure a form had been posted to me and it could be there mistake, but didnt commit to it. He said another pack would be sent out and that he is looking into the complaint to find out who should have sent the form out. So i decided to ring today to see what is going on, first recorded message i got
  13. What a nightmare your having, its not funny as you need the money for living exspenses and they say if you are having problems paying rent etc and paying for heating and water then to ring them. Then they do nothing, i think they need to employ more people to work on these claims, my friends works at hmrc and i asked her why it takes so long to get a form, all she said was its second class post! Its very frustrating to say the least, i had to laugh when i rang today she said i have to checks the notes on your file what notes you know nothing as yet as its my first claim lol
  14. i have regsitered as self employed i didnt realise you could download the form do you have a link for it please?
  15. still no form so have had to ring again today and ask for another one, to be told it may take up to 15 days i give up
  16. Im dreading the wait then ive been on the phone again today as still not recieved my claim pack and been over 3 weeks
  17. As long as you have claimed a benefit for 26 weeks without a break you are entitled to a job grant, £100 for a single person £250 for a couple or if you have a child
  18. Mike thay hadnt even looked to see if qualified for one, but i did get my first payment today or return to work credit
  19. just checked what paperwork i have starts ESA500 BUT OFFICE NUMBER 267
  20. Ok i will have to have another look on HMRC site to see if i can find anything there.
  21. Ok peeps i need a bit of help here , i am trying to find out where my tax office is. I live in scotland in Falkirk but have been told my payment centre for return to work credit is Cardiff. So do i use cardiff as my tax office? I have registered online self employed but have not heard anything as yet from HMRC.
  22. Thanks martin still waiting for the form lol, i hope it hurrys up
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