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  1. They have quoted the Statutory Demand and from their email, and the research I have done, they look like they know what they are talking about. They said as I have not kept up with a "realistic payment plan" I now only have 2 options, pay a full and final OR set up a new loan.
  2. Thank you for the advice, is it not worth contacting them to tell them I have no assets etc before they issue it? I know it is the wrong way to do it but should I not suggest paying the F&F over say 3 months just to get rid of it (even though I cannot really afford it)??
  3. I have been paying all of my creditors £1 a month (mostly payday loans) for the past year as I cannot afford to pay them. This is on advice from CCCS. Most have been ok with this but one now has threatened to issues a statutory demand as, with the extortionate interest, it now has just gone over £750. I have been given 2 options to prevent them issuing it; Pay a full and final (less than £200) OR take a new loan and end up paying pay 3 times the amount over 3 years. I have no assets no home or car etc so bankruptcy is not worth the firm pursuing. Can anyone help with what I should/
  4. Hi sillygirl1 can you help me with what I need to do next I haven't done anything online yet as I was concerned that you thought they didn't state on the form how much I owed them which they did in the amount claimed section along with the £25 fee? Can you help? Thanks
  5. Hello to confirm the form does detail the amount they are claiming for and the £25 court fee on top but no other breakdown. Can you advise what I should do next? I assume we now have 14 days to respond? Thanks.
  6. So I am choosing; "Acknowledgement of Service" on the first screen then completing the relevant details on next steps and then on Step 3 choose "Defend part of this claim"?
  7. Was a bit scared to log in as didn't know whether that would obligate me to anything. So what should I do online? How much of the claim should I admit/dispute? Can we talk on PM so I can talk figures etc?
  8. Claim Particulars - Copy.pdf Hope this helps?
  9. Firstly my apologies if this is a duplicate question....Hello I see some Caggers have offered some great advice about Tower Capital can I ask for some? I got a payday loan with them last summer and did the usual rollover etc etc. I got into financial difficulties in Feb/March and therefore could not afford to rollover or even pay anything. I wrote to them at start of April, with my income/expenditure/details of other creditors, as I did all my creditors advising of my difficulties and offered token £1 payment which I sent. Last week I got a Claim Form from Money Claim Online. It says in partic
  10. Hello, is it possible to use a service like UK Post Box or Scan my post to get an address to give to my creditors? I am just about to finish my tenancy agreement in my current house and am about to go travelling. So rather than giving my creditors my parents address (where I will be on elec roll etc) and getting them to read scan my mail, tell me about anything important is it ok to use this sort of service so I can login from overseas and read any mail?? Basically will creditors be ok with this, I am assuming it will go on my credit file as a "linked" address? Thanks. Chris.
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