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  1. hi, im new to the forum and was recommended by someone whos been through problems which i am going through right now... nd please don't judge me for taking out these pay day loans as im living a very difficult which force me into the payday game. basically... iv applied for couple of payday loans to pay of some bills and for basic needs. ive paid of 1 loan already and awaiting to pay of the other two... the problem im having is that since i joined CCCS to help me out, i done a payment plan with TxtLoan which were easier to handle and weren't really rude over the phone but with Minicredit they wont budge. i took out a £100 loan which to be paid back next month and note that i have taken loans of them in the past but paid them back promptly. i had difficulties paying mini credit back because my money was cleared from my account by other direct debits and return fees. i was panicking and did not know what to do. i emailed them and notified them telling them my situation but all i can see in there website is my £100 loan going up to £180 in a week. since i could not get a payment plan of them i joined CCCS which helped me alot with my other creditors. in been 2-3 month now and still mini credit is refusing payment options and go they don't deal with management plans etc. i decided to call them and it was a bad mistake, they women who picked up was rude and just kept saying i need to pay them back. my loan is gone up to £500 now and they have sent me letters saying they are going to send door step agency to my house. i have contacted CCCS but they keep telling me to send those template letters to them which i have been doing, but all i get from mini credit is more threats. i really don't know what to do, i am a full time student living with parents and working part time. i have done some overtime during the Easter break but that is all the overtime they have to offer and i can partake in. i really cannot offer minicredit more then £20 a month but they just wont agree. please help!!
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