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  1. I don't want to be difficult but may I ask what the evidence is that no cases have ever been taken to court? Have other forms of collectors become involved in the dispute? I have seen cases of some having being contacted by a range of companies claiming to be working after being contacted by RLP. Thank you.
  2. No I do not agree with the cast amounts which they are requesting from those contacted. But it is a little scary to predict what may happen in the future and this has become a nightmare over something I regret and was a moment of madness. CAB reports and information regarding RLP have statements the likes of xx number of cases have not gone to court. But does that mean that one or two have been taken to court? I'm sure you can understand my concern. And if I am moving from my current address in a week or two I do not want to be tracked down in a year or so by courts if it could all be resolved now. Can someone inform me what the consequences are (apart from paying this ridiculous company) if I make a payment? Will it just be that I am then listed upon their database? Thanks.
  3. Hello. I have received two letters so far from the RLP over the period of 1month and at first and after reading at lot on this forum and the cab report I opted to ignore them. But I have to admit that I am a little worried about any future repercussions as I don't really understand how the company can just forget about you. I am soon to move out of my current address and so I don't know if any future correspondence and or if they involve other courts or collectors involved, can they track me down as I will be returning to my old address? Can anyone advise? As much as the advice I see here is interesting, I'm sure you can understand my thoughts to just pay it move on and really forget about it. As it will always be in my head that they may ramp up any correspondence months, even years down the line. Considering a BBC report i saw the other day about RLP noted that some have taken 1 year to be contacted at all, a very slow process. Thanks.
  4. So far I have received two letters, both with my name spelt slightly wrong. I've read a lot of links and forums around but I'm sure you can understand my uncertainty in what to do. I have not replied to any of the letters and don't really intend to following the advice here. But I am slightly concerned that although they may normally eventually ignore your case, how long does this take and what if my personal case is the one which breaks that tendency of theirs and they really step up to get the money paid? So to just be another worrier on these threads about RLP but the letters are quite intimidating. Thanks for you help.
  5. Hello. I was just wondering how your case has developed? Did you continue to ignore the letters , and how many have you received? I'm in a similar position and as if the moment have received two letters from RLP request £87. As the consensus on these forums is very much to ignore them I'm just wondering how far they will go to contact and demand payment before giving up, if they do so. Have you been contacted by any debt collectors? Thank you.
  6. What I don't really understand is how can they just eventually chose to forget about the money is requests. Surely somewhere along the line they realise there is a shortage of money coming through, especially to the shop which has employed them to track down the money? Or do they just get enough money from all the people who do pay up to cover the loses?
  7. I have received two letters from the RLP so far and my name was also spelt incorrectly! The letter are a bit unsettling and I do worry about just ignoring them as i so often read on these threads. Is it really that simple? They were requesting £87 but unlike this thread starter, I did not pay any fine to the police at the time. Would anyone recommend sending an email similar to Marthara? I am currently a university student. Thanks.
  8. I have been told that the RLP will be in contact with me to request a payment and it has been over 1 month without hearing anything. I am soon to be moving out of my current house and back home with my parents and any correspondence they send me I will not receive. I have read on a few places that it can take up to three years for them to contact you? Having read a lot on this and other sites, there is an over whelming opinion to ignore and not pay. But guilt and worry does concern me about non payment, as I do not want things to escalate further. Will they be able to track me back down to my parents house? Thank you.
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