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  1. Hi, I am going to start to write our letter as a joint from me and my bf! Any ideas on how long it should be? Also cafcass recommend two months indirect followed by 2 hours a week/fortnight. I think this is too much but unsure what to try and negotiate as I don't want any contact at all!
  2. Does anyone know how much a solicitor costs?
  3. It's so difficult to figure out how it is in our sons best interest even though we know it is!
  4. We have been listed for a hearing second week in May for three hours. We need to prepare a written statement to be sent for 1st may,this is in response to carcass statement. Can anyone help me in doing this?
  5. There isnt anything logged with police etc against his mum, but if there is anything you need to know i am willing to share.
  6. We have tried to contact but there is a 2 week wait.
  7. No it's in magistrates but we were waiting in the waiting room and her solicitor came over and said that there was no one down here to be able to grant permission for her so she was moving it upstairs. That's when we went in front of judges
  8. If she wins the case do we have to pay any money?
  9. My partner wouldn't be prepared to take our son as to him he doesn't have a mother and hasn't for years. If need be I would rather drag it out as long as possible so it's less time she's having with our son. You mention a court clerk... At the last hearing her solicitor asked for the hearing to be transferred upstairs which was in front of a clerk and three judges. What do you think will happen tomorrow?
  10. It states: The court directs: Cafcass to file and serve a s7 report addressing the issue of contact between the grandmother and the child by no later than... The matter is listed for a further hearing on..... with a time estimate of 30 minutes at ..... The parties and their representitives to attend court no later than 30 minutes before the time of the appointment for the purpose of negociation.
  11. What happens if it isnt a directions hearing?
  12. Ok,i will do that. I know this sounds silly but when do we ask for this? Will they ask us our views on the report?
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