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  1. Sorry guys, I couldn't risk having other letters being sent to my house. I paid the fine of £35 today.
  2. I'm not sure yet, I'm still deciding whether or not to pay the £35 to them. But I may ring them up and ask, if I pay the amount, would they leave me alone, forever
  3. So even if i do pay £35, they would still send letters and ask for more money? Oh and my friend got charged £178 because he was over 16. And he hasdecided he's paying it off with installments.
  4. But the thing is, if I dont pay, they will keep sending in letters and I wouldn't want them to do that because of my mum. And the letter says 'Retail Loss Prevention' so I'm not sure.
  5. Okay turns out she didn't read the letter because she seemed clueless when she got home. So now the problem is, should I pay the £35 so I would not have to risk another letter coming through or what? Thanks everyone.
  6. The RLP letter came today and my mum had opened it whilst I was at school. I just came home and saw the letter opened. My mum is still at work and I hadn't told her yet. I was planning to tell her today, but I guess I'm too late. The letter said I had to pay £137.50 but would accept £35. I am so screwed when my mum gets back.
  7. Hi AnonFighter, thanks for the info. So did you reply to them at all? And watching investigation, thanks for your advice, I think I'll tell my mum when the letter arrives. Thanks everyone
  8. watchinginvestigation, what would you do if your son/daughter at the age of 15 told you that they stole a wallet and will be recieving a fine? x
  9. Hey bobba, so they don't actually tell you that they're 100% going to take you to court! Just threats? And also could you keep me updated on the letters you recieve too! Thanks.
  10. Martin, how comes you cant see the police being interested in TK MAXX'S banning list? Could Tk Maxx juat be threatening me by syaing it'll be forwarded to the police or what?
  11. Bobba1, you know the letters you have recieved, what do they look like? And I'm planning on telling one of my cousins as we're really close. But that's about it. I think I will ignore them. But I also need to tell my friend not to pay too as he will also recieve the letter. I spoke to him earlier and he said he will pay because he doesn't want any trouble with the police or anything. So yeah, he'll need some convincing too. And thank you everyone for your help!
  12. Okay, so when they do send me the letter, I will post it on here and could either one of you guide me and help me write the letter because I'm not that good at writing letters. Also, would i send them emails or hand write them? And as for the whole mum thing, I'm still deciding whether to tell her or not. Because I am so worried she will find out, but I am also worried that if I tell her, I will be a let down to her.
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