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  1. I agree, the only damage on my credit file is what I did to it a few years ago so they didn't put any holes in it. The interesting thing is, they never acnowledged and letters from us and all of a sudden they have gone very quiet.
  2. Well they seem to have given up now, it has been over a month now since they sent the final comunication letter. Perhaps ignorance really is bliss....
  3. I suppose the only good thing about receiving all these letters from Lowell is that it saves a small fortune in toilet roll...... They have been playing ping-pong for the last six months with the 3 debts we supposedly owe them.
  4. Wahey! Red have joined in the party now. Surely, using threat or intimidation to get money that they are not entitled to is the same as walking up to someone in the street with a knife and stealing the money off them that way?
  5. I suppose I figured as much, thankyou for confirming a few suspisions. I posted an open message on Facebook asking if anyone had heard of Lowell Financial and the first reply came in seconds with "Yes, Steer clear" perhaps there is wisdom in what he said? I did notice a pattern with what they are doing, they seem to represent a lot of accounts from capital one and Shop Direct, they claim we owe money on two seperate Shop Direct accounts and one Capital One account. I apologise if I am just stating the obvious but it was something that was niggling at me all the time I were reading the o
  6. Thankyouverymuch, I do try to make sense, sometimes it ends up being more complicated than when I started thinking about it. I intend to challenge any claim they make using the advice given on the site and I assure you it will not be wasted. Is it common practice for a debt collection agency to issue a photocopy of a reassignment notice on behalf of the original creditor? It seems oddly unprofessional and the quality of the print is very poor.
  7. Good evening, After 48 hours of solid reading, I have decided to sign up as we have received 3 seperate demands from our good friends Lowell Financial and their cronies. From what I have gathered from members in the same or similar positions is that Lowell are not liked very much around here. I have read numerous threads detailing peoples experience with Lowell Financial and I have decided to use the advice given in those threads as it would be a waste of everyones time if I were to ask the same questions again. What I am more concerned about and the reason for my post is how the d
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