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  1. I'm really hoping someone can help as I'm a bit at the end of my tether! My partner and I booked 2 nights accommodation at the West Port B&B in St Andrews. We paid for this at the time of booking (there was no terms and conditions attached to this - we just decided to pay £170.00 up front) Unfortunately we had to cancel this and were due to be refunded the full amount. This was on the 15th of May. To date I have still not received this refund!! I contacted the vendor who supplied me with the merchant number and advised that this refund went through successfully. In the time that
  2. How do all, hope I can get some advice on this one. On buying our first house in September 2011, my partner and I took up buildings and contents insurance with Axa. On 2nd January this year, we were hit by 90mph winds and all of the ridging tiles and a number of roof tiles were blown off. The ridging tiles plummeted off the roof, tearing off a section of guttering and landing in my conservatory, bursting two of the roof panes in there. Not the best start to the year. I got in touch with Axa an hour or so after the damage and their adviser was pretty helpful, they broke the cla
  3. Can you confirm my email was received by you, can't pm from this site.
  4. Graeme, Thanks for the quick reply. Will forward this info asap.
  5. First post, complex story, so bear with me... I am presently a scottish power customer, paying every month by direct debit. I have been in contract with them since I moved to my present address in February 2010. I have never had any issues with payments and have never had any contact from Scottish Power suggesting otherwise. Prior to this, I shared a different flat with a friend, we were with Scottish Hydroelectric and this account was in my flatmate's name. Again, we never had any payment issues in the 18 months we lived there. Going back before that, the afforenamed friend and
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