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  1. That seems to be normal of lending stream my friend was having the same problems as you and i posted on here after she recieved letters from them to see if anyone could provide an email for lending stream. she contacted that email address and got a reply stating they can set up a payment plan but only over the telephone, she emailed back saying that as per previous emails that had gone un answered she wanted all contact to be via email and that she wouldnt be contacting them by phone. low and behold no reply. pretty disgusting behaviour from a company in my opinion
  2. I am in the same boat as you with this lot due to CFO refusing my payment plan and my loan of 250 is now sitting at £750 according to DS. I have told them on several occasions i wont be paying more than the original amount plus one month interest and that my debt is in dispute with CFO therfore to continue collections is against OFT guidelines whilst the debt is in dispute. CFO have yet to get back to my complaint but since I have informed trading standards and OFT about their Fines and charges let them try take me to court. i'm ready for a fight with them now and i am ready for a fight with DS if they continue to persue me whilst the debt is being disputed
  3. Funny i havent recieved any letters from them either just emails in which they refer to their £25 as "fines" i would love for them to explain to a judge how it costs £25 to send an email if that is their justification, i also believe using the word fines is illegal.I had my first contact of a threating email from Daniels Silverman today, they will be getting a nice worded email back telling them i will not be paying the £712 that they are asking for from a £250 loan and i will be pointing out that since i have disputed the debt with CFO any action to carry on will be in direct Violation of OFT guidelines.I started out my battle against CFO scared and rather meek, lets just say that i am not like that anymore, I have nothing to give them I have no savings no money and if it comes to it my car and my half of the house will all be transferred into my partners name so they cant touch any of that either.Yes i took out the loan and i havent ever refused to pay it back but like hell will i pay back almost triple the loan in charges
  4. Thanks for that email i will pass it on and see if she has any joy. What you describe is the exact problem that she has with them she wants to arrange a plan and has beent rying but no-one ever replies or answers phones, they have sent letters to her threating to pass on the debt but dont seem interested in resolving it.She is also having a massive problem with Quick Quid too. They arent playing ball with a repayment plan on a debt of £612 they want it over 4 months which they claim they are doing her a favour since nomraly its only 3 and want a stonking 151 a month dispite her explaining she doesnt have anywhere near this a month to play with she has barley £50 a month to offer them. Nothing like trying to force people further into debt
  5. I dont understand how they can have terms and conditions on their website and then state that they arent true. Well if that is the case why the hell are they charging me and others £25 "fines" each day and then adding 39% onto the debt along with the daily interest being added on which is already far too high? i'm at the point now where i almost wish they would take me to court so that i could have my day against them and their shocking tatics and fines. They are a joke and i would advise everyone to avoid them like the plauge
  6. Does anyone have a contact email for Lending Stream? My friend has been trying to email then for the last month to try and have a repayment plan set up and all her emails have been ignored so far and today she has found that the emails are being bounced back to her so the email address on their website doesnt work, does anyone have any contact details for lending stream that i can pass on?
  7. I would get a complaint into consmer direct and trading standards about this, i'm having my own battle with them at the moment with fee's and trying to reach a payment plan and so far consumer direct and trading standards have been very interested in the fees and fines this lot add onto accounts
  8. So consumer direct have passed my complaint onto trading standards as they believe their actions are against the harassment rules laid out by the fso. They have also said I should forward my complaint onto the fso asap. Hopefully may get somewhere with it.
  9. to date no contact from daniels silverman, CFO are now ignoring my emails, i have been making token payments to them since they finally gave their details however no agreement to payment plan. i submitted a complaint to consumer direct and one to CFO which if i dont get a reply which i dont think I will then i will be sending it on to the fsa and seeing what CFO have to say then. I guess its just a case of sitting tight and waiting for their next move now.
  10. I havent as yet had any contact from Daniels Silverman i expect it to come soon though. I happened to read on CFO website in their terms and conditions f You default, our tariff charges are as follows: We will charge You the sum of £25 for missing the agreed payment. We will charge You the sum of £25 per letter for the first, second, third, fourth and fifth letter that we send to you in respect of the collection of any outstanding sums on your account. If You are in arrears for 14 days after the agreed due date, 36% of the original Amount of credit will be applied to the account. You must pay us any reasonable expenses and costs that We may incur in tracing You if You move address without first notifying Us. In addition, You must pay us any reasonable expenses and costs we may incur in taking other steps to enforce, or attempt to enforce, our rights against You under this Agreement, and You will be charged simple interest, both before and after judgment, at the rate set out above from the date payment falls due until payment is made. This is very different from their emails which state that the £25 is a fine which is added daily. surley this cant be legal? The thought of this whole thing going to court is making me sick. I own my home with my partner and i dont want to lose it as he couldnt afford to buy me out and i dont want to be forced to sell over £260 or their court fees because they refused to enter into a payment plan even before the account went into default. i just cant beleive i have let this all spiral out of control, i made a bad judgement call and now it may ruin my future.
  11. I was wondering if you have had any luck with this lot as i am too trying to get them to agree to a payment plan
  12. bit of an update have not got any further with these guys.no payment plan has been accepted they have refused to give me their paying in details in order to make even token payments and I recieved an email last week informing me that they have now passed my account onto daniel silverman. to be honest i am now freaking out i havent ever had to deal with a collections agency before. i have made the complaint to trading standards as suggested and currently trying work out how to complain to OFT as they keep directing me to the consumer direct which i dont think is the correct place. what is the next step i take? do i wait for this company to contact me? will they be any better than CFO to deal with. Also the fact that my loan has now jumped from 260 to over 600 due to their fines being added on. i cannot afford to pay over 600 i can just about manage the 260 over the year. this has made me unbelieveably stressed. any advice on my next step guys?
  13. So an update on the above I have emailed this mob daily and have had my emails ignored when they dont ignore them they simply refuse to set up a payment plan or even provide paying in details so that I can send token payments. They have been emailing me every day telling me they have added another £25 in fines to my account daily so i dread to even think of what the total of my loan is now. They have now emailed me today telling me they are passing my account to the door step collections team which funny enough well before the 33 days that is stated in their inital email to myself. does anyone have any advice on how to deal with them or does anyone have paying in details for them? i'm now at my whitts end with them
  14. I have been hovering around now for a while and have taken on board the advice given to some of the posters but I seem to have hit a wall at the moment. I took out a loan last month with Capital Finance One for £260. It was the last of a long line of payday loans which for the rest i have now set up payment plans without a hitch. Here is the reply from Capital for my request of a payment plan: Thank you for your E-mail. Unfortunately as your loan is not actually in default at present there is not a lot at the moment that we can do in Relation to your account, I must however advise you of your options and also the consequences of payment not being made. You will have the option to defer your payment by making the Interest payment on your due date, this will then defer your loan until your following pay date. By doing this it means that the account will not be in default and will also save you a large amount of fines and fees on the account. If you do default as per your contract fines and fees will be applied to the account until the balance is settled in Full. You will also receive daily calls/texts and E mails chasing the Debt. After a period of 33 days of being in default the debt will be passed to our door to door collections team. They charge their own fee which for the debt recovery which you will be eligible for paying. We suggest therefore that you try and at least make the interest payment to defer the loan to avoid this. We can also take a payment from your debit/credit card or if needed from someone else credit/debit card who may wish to pay on your behalf. Please advice Kind Regards now i replied back simply reiterating that i didnt have any cash and i was offering what I could. I couldnt afford to defer the loan and that if they didnt agree to a plan I would be forced to go into a debt managment plan which i didnt and still dont want to do and again asked for their paying in details. I got this reply: We are unable to arrange a payment plan for you as you have been advised. We have asked you to make token payments to reduce the balance. This will not defer your loan and fines will be applied to the account due to late payment. Regards How the hell can I make token payments if they wont give me their paying in details? so the next thing i get a large number of texts from them saying I cant defer my loan and only pay interest to which i ignored then I get a final text from them saying : Your defferall reqyest has been approved. we will collect the interest tomorrow via your debit card. I at no point agreed to defer the loan and have not expressed any wish to defer it so how can they do this? lucky for me I cancelled my card so they cant take the money. What is the next step with these clowns since they wont agree to a payment plan and wont give their paying in details to me for even token payments? Surley what they are doing is wrong or even illegal especially setting up a deferal when I hadnt requested or agreed to it??
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