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  1. the debt is paid been makrked as satified and a reposession on my credit file on the payments screen every single payment fro april till the day it was paid up is marked as a default.
  2. i reduced payments with littlewoods in 2013 to £5.00 per moth this was agreed by littlewoods
  3. on my credit file there is nothing from littlewoods just lowell 2014 and the first payment i made in the april has been placed as a default
  4. Hi I am looking for some advice regarding Lowell debt collections. I originally had a Littlewoods catalogue account that had an outstanding balance owing on it due to coming out of work I was paying Littlewoods an agreed £5.00 per month. it then received a letter form Lowell April 2014 to say they had purchased the debt and would like a payment in full. I spoke to the company and explained the situation and was advised by an agent that the £5.00 per moth would be fine to pay to clear the debt owing of £64 I have recently been considering getting a mortgage and have noticed on my credit file they have filed defaults on every payment even though they had agreed this would be fine and did not say that anything would be recorded on my credit file. just wondering if there is anything I can do to get this removed the balance was paid off on July 2015 the account start date was September 2009 account end date was July 2015 thanks in advance
  5. Hi All, I am looking for some advice I have recently just got my full statement fromBlack Horse on a finance loan I took out in 2006. After examining the statementI have come across quite a few fees that have been added e.g Collection Activity Fee, Late Payment Interest, Charges Adjustment. The Collection Fees Total - £421.56 Late Payment Interest Total - £42.56 Charges Adjustment Total - £1235.26 The original Loan Amount was for 8949.24 with the payments I have made takenaway the above I have paid £8979.86 so have paid £30 more that I should have. In 2007 I lost my job and was paying PPI but after trying to claim on thepolicy I was rejected. I contacted BH regarding my job situation and asked forreduced payments witch they have help me with but at no point in time have ibeen informed of the charges they have applied. The charges Adjustment was appliedin 2010. Just wondering if the above charges can be claimed back Any help would be appreciated John
  6. HI i am looking for help regarding letters i am reciving from DEF energy. i moved into a property in april of last year and step up for my supplier to be british gas. I was sent aletter confirming that my new supplier is now british gas. since april of last year i have been paying british gas £58 per month by DD for my gas. in december of last year i was sent a letter from EDF energy saying that i had not been been paying for my energy supply. i have explained to EDF Energy that i had changed supplier and my new supplier was British gas. after checking my address online on my BG account i noticed that the address as a different address. I have contacted BG to inform them of this and the address has now been corrected. i have then recived a letter to state i have not been paying for my supply from BG since august and that i have cancelled my DD. After containg the bank i was informed that the DD was cancelled by BG. so all in all i have payed BG £406 For a supply i was getting off EDF Energy. i have now been hit with a bill for over £800 off EDF stating i must pay for the gas i have recived. i contacted BG regarding a refund of the sums i have payed for a supply that i had not been reciving form them selves and was informed that the most they could refund is £132. this is origanally a fault on BG's behalf and they are saying its down to me to set up a payment plan with EDF to repay the sums there requeting and that i need to take up the complant with EDF I have wrote letters to both BG & EDF explaining in detail whats happend and never seem to get anyware its as if no one wants to deal with it. i would really like some help from someone as im getting to the point were its strssing me out and starting to get me down thanks in advanced.
  7. hi all, i have been having quite a long battle with premier man over my account. I am in financial difficulty and have requested i be put on a reduced payment of £5 per month. witch was rejected once i sent a letter requesting this i then started to receive phone calls about 5 to 6 times a day starting from 7:30am. i then rang up premierman and spoke to a very snotty and abrupt agent who was not one bit help full might i add so asked to be passed to a manager after speaking to the manager i asked why i was receiving calls when i have requested all correspondence to be by post but now im getting all these calls. the manager apologized and after looking at the notes on my account informed me she couldn't lower the payments to £5 per month the lowest she could go was £11 and could not freeze the interest when i explained if i payed that amount then the balance would not come down it would just go up so would not help me i then put the above in writ ting and received a letter back saying they could agree to the £5 per month but could not suspend the unrest i have sent all the letters but they will not suspend any interest so the balance will always increase by £2 per month. i have since sent them a letter saying take me to court. to make matters worse i have just now went to log on to my account online to make the £5 payment and they have now suspended my log in so i cant log in to make the payment. i could really use some help regarding this and would be very grateful if anyone could help
  8. I have been advised that by O2 but at the minute I cannot afford to wait until august to lower my tariff £36 a moth at the minute is a struggle to pay
  9. I have an O2 monthly contract but have recently come out of work and I am struggling with the payments at the minute, I contacted the customer service team around 2 months ago seeking some help with the monthly cost. I never use the 900 minutes a month and don't think I ever will so was looking to see if my price plan could be lowered to a more realistic monthly tariff after speaking with a agent who was very abrupt and un willing to help me I was basically told tough that's what you signed up to. I then received a call from a manager who informed me they could lower the tariff by £2 with will not help me. Can O2 basically over charge me for minutes I never use, plus would it not be good customer service to make sure your customers are are the right tariff that suits the minutes they use on average per month. I really need help with this as it is starting to get me down as I am struggling to find the money each month and in some cases cutting back on food in order to keep up the payments. Any help would be appreciated Thank you all
  10. could someone please direct me to the template for the above need to claim back the £12 charges on my accounts with both littlewoods and premier man.Thanks in advance if you can help ....
  11. After sending the second letter that was in the templates section I have today received the following reply from littlewoods. I need some help with this as I am unsure what to do next. Also I would like to claim back any charges they have put on the account. So how would I go about doing this ? Thank you for your email and I am sorry we have been unable to agree an arrangement with you. Unfortunately, the lowest arrangement we can offer on your balance is £18.50 which would be for 12 months. (I can only afford £5 per month) I can see you have mentioned county court in your last email, are you dealing with a debt management company at the moment at all? If this is the case we would need to put you in touch with an alternative department who may be able to help you further Any help anyone can off with regards to this would be much appreciated, thanks
  12. After sending a email i have today recived the following response Thank you for your e mail regarding a possible payment arrangement. Unfortunately we are unable to accept your offer as it does not meet our minimum payment criteria. Please contact us on 0844 822 4646 within the next 7 days to discuss the options available to you. If we do not hear from you, we will assume you no longer require our assistance in this matter and we would expect normal payments to resume. Please note that failure to bring your account up to date will lead to administration charges being applied to your account and could affect your ability to obtain future credit. Your account may ultimately be passed to external debt collection agencies they have a cheek i have subbited my income and outcome and i cannot afford the payments they are quoting what should be my next step ?
  13. thanks altot dx gonna send the first letters off this week and will also send off a sar request to both and will keep everyone updated
  14. im not sure if its a loan its a repayment plan they put me on were the took my balence and added intrst to it i have been regular with pyments but last week i rang them to make my agreed payment of £21 and they told me it was £33 now because of charges after having a long argument with a very snotty advisor i was told i have to make the payment as i had agreed to it i am now at the point were icannot afford the 21 anymore so i think its time they got £1 a month for being snotty and not being willing to help me.
  15. yes as seemed like the only option i had was only till i started reading posts on here i was thinking i might have rushed into things
  16. no not got all the staements is it a good start to get these ?
  17. i have recently came out of work and can now longer make the payments to the above. I have tried to reason with littlewoods and all they offed me was a way of transfering my credit balence to a payment plan loan i think it is now i cant afford the payments and am looking to start the process of getting them to agre to a lower ammount (£1) per month if i can and i would also like to claim back all my charges i have the first letter template and will get this sent ASAP but need to know how i go about claiming back the charges if i can i am looking to do this for both little woods and premier man. with premier man they are also harrassing me for payments any help would be great
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