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  1. Added the SCS letter and only just realised that it states not to reply to them but to contact Debt Recovery Plus... Thanks for all the responses!
  2. I received a penalty notice from APCOA back in July (2014). The offence was shown as '05-Parked over two bays'. (My car is the Kia Soul in the photo) Having parked in they spot and in the same way for 12 months and never received a ticket, I was surprised to see one on my screen one evening. I did write to APCOA and attached photos to show that the second 'bay' that they referred to was not a bay, but an old bay that now housed the CCTV camera pole and bollards, and therefore the penalty was invalid. They responded and said they upheld the penalty charge. I called APCOA and spoke
  3. So sorry to hear that you lost the case... we too are suffering at the hands of the Club La Costa ethic of sell at all costs, and surrendered our certificates last year but are still paying for something that we are not using.... wish we had never even heard of them now... I wish you the best
  4. I would be really interested to see if anyone has been successful at claiming back the PPI from GE Money that was missold by CLC at their hardsell presentation? Also we were not offered the 14 day cooling off period - was anyone else? It was sign sign sign in the presentation and nothing about cooling off... any updates would be great as we are going to start looking at the claim in the next few days - thanks
  5. By the way happyhamr we put the name of the Insurance Company (I think it was AOW) into section E3 - I hope we were correct!
  6. Hi everyone, We are new to CAG but have found the information here invaluable - thank you everyone. Our Picture Loan PPI was totally mis-sold to us about 4 years ago, we were pressurised to take the PPI cover (won't get the loan without it). I discovered the reality of the situation last month when I looked into covering the loan in with our standard Life Insurance, but when I called Picture (now Target) the advice that I was given was basically that it would be a waste of time cancelling their PPI as it only had a year to go and we were going to have to pay for it for the remaining
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