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  1. Thanks for the reply. I have offered a token amount but they are still after the full payment. I just don't think it's fair that I was told a certain amount over the phone yet, when I paid this off, they have asked for more!
  2. (This is an unsecured loan, I don't know how to change the title!) Hi there guys. I dunno if this is in the right category, apologies if not! I am writing to ask for help/advice. I took a personal loan out from the Halifax (intelligent finance) around 8 years ago. I was lucky enough to come into some money about 4 years ago and decided to pay off my debt. I rang the Halifax and they told me that there was £8,000 outstanding on my loan. I duly paid this off to them via cheque. I heard nothing from them for 2 years and all of a sudden received a letter saying that t
  3. Hi guys. I've started my second claim as I was charged an awful lot while waiting for the first claim to go through (which it did in the end!). I have received a letter saying that because they already issued me a refund of charges on my account they will not refund any more. They've said that I "may wish to transfer your account to another financial organisation". Do I just continue with the LBA and then the MoneyClaim claim? Cheers
  4. It's settled!!! Woo hoo! I literally jumped for joy when I read the letter I got from The Halifax this morning saying I will be reimbursed the full amount plus the moneyclaim fee. Cheers everyone
  5. Moneyclaim filed last Thursday and letter received this morning from them. Hopefully not too long til a result!
  6. Just a quick question. I've filed with Moneyclaim but during this time have accrued some more charges. Is this just a case of starting a brand new claim? Thanks
  7. Got a letter from the Halifax this morning stating that since I had refused to accept the £300 then they are not willing to repay anything. What's the next step please?
  8. Received another letter last week offering £300 and still claim that I cannot claim back my charges! I have sent them another letter but now the 14 days are up. Do I go ahead with an online claim?
  9. Just had a phone call from The Halifax saying that the law I refer to in my letter referers to charges for credit cards and not my current account, yet, they still offered me a £100 refund which they are going to put in writing. Is this a stalling tactic?
  10. Shall I send another letter out reiterating the 14 day period or just wait for a reply?
  11. Hi all. Just a quick update as I have not posted for a while. My statements came through 1 day before the 40 days was up! I have now sent a letter requesting payment and they have replied saying that they are going to investigate the points I have raised and I will receive a reply no later than 4 weeks! Is this normal. Thanks.
  12. Well, it's been 33 days and still not received my statements. Does anyone think I should be sending off a chase up letter to remind them they only have a few days left to comply?
  13. Still waiting!!!! Over a month now so not long until I send the next letter?
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