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  1. Thanks so much Eric's Brother. Yea, they've been back in touch and it's still a bit up in the air, but I've submitted my claim anyway and will wait to hear what their reply is. I remain hopeful, but it's also good to know I have recourse to the Ombudsperson should I require. Thanks again, Little Alf
  2. Hello all, Had to guess as to the best place to put this as a bit of an odd case this: A year or more ago I took out Income Protection Insurance with Trent services. On May the 3rd 2018 I was told -totally out of the blue- that I was to be made redundant. Last week I received a letter from Trent services saying they were going into administration but a new company was taking over from May the 9th so I needn't worry. The issue is that my "incident date" as they call it, is six days prior to that and therefore, although my claim is legitimate, it can't be/won't be paid. The old company has no money to pay it. The no one won't accept responsibility and my employers can't change the date of my redundancy because of potential audit repercussions. This puts me in a pretty dangerous situation as I have only just committed to a new mortgage (two hours prior to redundancy!) Is there anything I can do? Thanks all Ali
  3. Thanks Liverpoolluke, I'll do that. It was a small scrape as well. I'll let you know when I receive a reply, but I agree, it seems unreasonably high....
  4. Re. Excess-Yes, I agree. Know we know! As for credit card details-we didn't supply any, though Claire did supply bank details. Surprisingly the hold amount of £200 post return of the car was released back in October after the scrape was noted. If they attempt to take from our bank account we could be in for interesting times....thanks for your advice though, at least we can prepare for the worst!
  5. Hi there, I was wondering if you could confirm the following is the correct way to approach our problem: My Wife scaped her Hertz rent a car, a small scrape for which they have subsequently charged her £620 pounds! She's self employed and earns less than the figure above on a good month She's not arguing about liability, but wants to/ needs to pay in instalments. I have written an email below. Please would one of you be kind enough to check it to make sure it's worded well enough to get the result we need? Thanks! LittleAlf Dear Sir/ Madam, I write in reference to the above claim against me for the sum of £620 I am currently part-time self employed and earning on average a little less than £600 pcm I am willing to pay for the damage incurred but given my financial situation I am only able to offer at maximum £25 per calander month If accepted I will set a standing order on my account payable to Hertz with immediate effect If financial verification is required I am able to provide last year's HM revenue tax returns Sincerley...
  6. Just a thought: If I send the SLC an SAR request, will they then pass my new address to Drysden?
  7. Thanks I've been paying exactly the same amount for the past ten years: £25, which is as much as I can afford I've never received an annual statement from SLC, but this could be because they didn't have -as far as I was aware- my address The judge never ordered me to pay the £25, I proactively called the SLC when I realised that I had a CCJ (that was when I got a letter they'd sent to my Dad's house, my old address) and offered to pay £25 pcm. They accepted the amount, and as far as I was aware we were all good I'll see if there's anything in the forum that will give me a clue as to how to proceed Ali
  8. Thanks dx You're right, their client is Erudio. They haven't got my new address, and quite surprised they got my old one as I've not been in touch with the SLC since I lived there. I've recently moved agin, so it's possible they'll catch up eventually. I've no problem with paying off the debt-I've been paying off as much as I can afford for the past ten years- I'm just a bit freaked out by why the SLC want to sell my debt to Drysden given as we had an arrangement they agreed to, and what are Drysden are expecting? Do they want me to transfer my monthly DD to them? They sound a bit corrupt to me, so happy to take your advice and forget about them Thanks again, LittleAlf
  9. Hallo, Please could someone advise me on how to respond here: I had a student loan when I was at University from 1996-1999. After Uni I thought I'd defered, but apparently the SL company didn't receive my form... I got a CCJ in 2001 and in 2005 started to pay the Student Loan company back £25 pcm, I am still paying this amount monthly and have never defaulted Today I got a letter forwarded from an old address from Drydensfairfax demanding the balance (£2970) or payment towards it, or else they may attatch my earnings, send a bailiff around, or place a charging order over my property Given as I have an arrangement with the SL company already and which is being honoured I'm somewhat confused as to why I am receiving this What would you advise I do? Any advice, as always, is appreciated Thanks Little Alf
  10. I'm not sure she has the original reading anymore (when she first moved in, she hadn't realised she was going to have an issue), but good news: She's moved the meter installment appointment to the 24th of this month, so we have some breathing space while we contact The Energy Savings Trust Advice Centre.. I'll let you know what they say on Monday Thanks, Ali
  11. Npower are the ones who wrote the letter regarding the pre-payment meter. Apparently NPower were the previous occupant's supplier, so Mum got them by default. Npower also sent BCW, but when Mum called to ask why, they transfered her to the "financial Solutions" department at Npower. Thanks, Alf
  12. It has been going on for months (although Mum's only just told me she's been having problems). This is the situation as best as I can make out: Mum moved into her rented property in The Dales on 11/06/2012 On the 13/10/2012 She got a bill from Npower for 181.14 She was given a payment card and she started to pay £35 a moth on the 13/11/2012 she got a bill for £221 on the 14/11/2012 she got a letter saying they had a right to enter her home due to the outstanding balance Mum continued to pay £35 In December (I don't know exact date) she got a bill for £55 which she paid off outright On 6/4/2013 she got a bill for £260. She called up to query it, as these previous bills were all estimated and gave them a proper meter reading and they said that between September and March she had used £625 of electricicity Npower have said that she is using a lot of electricity for a single person, 8592KW over 12 months She has received a letter from a debt collection agency (Buchanan, Clarke and Wells) saying they can enter her home She has subsequently tried to switch supplier but Npower won't release her account because of her debt They have written to say that someone will be coming this Monday to fit a pre-payment meter They estimate that she will need to pay £126 a month to keep up They are also taking £4 pounds a week for the previous debt Her estimated usage for the next 6 months is £1393 Mum can't afford that much on a pension, also, her nearest top-up point is 1.5 miles away if she runs out I have contacted Age Concern who have given me some numbers to ring, but they aren't open over the weekend
  13. Hi, Thanks for the reply, and apologies for my late one, I only have limited acces to computer I'm just waiting for me Mum to get back to me with some more detail In the interim, can they force her to have a pre-payment meter?
  14. Hello, Please could someone give me some advice? My Mum is in £600 debt with her electricity and NPower are therefore making her get an electricity meter. They are coming to fit the meter on Monday. She's trying to pay the debt off, but is on a state pension (she's in her sixties). I am concerned about a pre-payment meter being fitted as she lives in an isolated part of the Dales, and I don't want her to be at risk of being out of electricity if she's short of money when the cold weather comes. Also, £600 sounds a lot for her to owe, given that she's living alone and only heats the lower half of the house that she rents. Any advice? Thanks, Alf
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