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  1. My partner, who is dyslexic took out a loan in 2004 with Welcome Finance and unfortunately did not tell me. He borrowed £10K and the charges on top were £4,133.51. It was all done over the phone and they said he had to secure it against the house and take out PPI insurance or he would not be given the loan. He never went to a Welcome Office and was sent the forms and told to sign where they had marked. He has now paid the loan back in full and is still having to make payments every month. They have also said he is in arrears but he was told before a new consultant took over that he was not in arrears. They also charged him a Mortgage Indemnity fee of £1100.00. There is a 'at least seven days' to consider whether to go ahead is this correct? He signed it 13.12.04 and the date of the agreement and the payment was made to him 21.12.04. Should it have been 14 days? I think they took advantage of my partner and him being dyslexic, is there any help you can give to stop making the payments and close this agreement as we know Welcome have gone into default now? Any help would really be appreciated, Many thanks.
  2. this is being written by my Partner by the way.
  3. Hello, Just reading various threads on Welcome Finance as I have had loads of problems with them, what if the loan is under 25K and they did charge a mortgage indemnity fee? What happens then. I have paid back the loan and it is secured against my house and they are still hassling me. I am dyslexic and did not read the forms, it was all done over the phone and they put a cross where I had to sign and insisted I had to take the PPI insurance or I could not get the loan. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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