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  1. Hi lee im sorry for posting here but for some reason the send private message function on here is not working.Any updates on my problems with vodafone and DRS .thanks.john
  2. Hi Bazooka ,yes they say they have purchased the account so shop direct have nothing to do with it now
  3. Hi my wife had a little woods catalogue up until 2011 when she lost her job.They have been chasing her for the debt but ignored every offer we made them for £30 a month.Recently they sold the debt to capquest .I sent them a CCA request and they sent it within a week.Looking at the statement they also sent i can see that the total debt is £1,814.83 but £348 of that is charges for all the time they was ignoring our offers of payments and sending out statements .We want to pay what we owe but before i make an offer to capquest is there something i could do to get the balance down and get the charges taken off? can they or will they do that? Any advice would be much appreciated
  4. Just a quick update ,after sending them a lot of offers in writing and each time getting a sorry your offer does not meet our requirements reply ,i have decided to just ignore them and decided they can go f themselves now im not paying them nothing .I have begged them to take me to court but they wont so there loss .
  5. Thanks dx i think that's probably all i can really afford to pay them anyway now, i want to reclaim charges but i dont have all the statements .They have added a few £12 debt collection letter fees on top of the other late payment charges ,i don't recall getting a debt collection letter from them its all been from there head office.???
  6. Hi taylorit well done for getting the idiots to refund all those charges.I have been paying them £10 a month for 6 months ,now that agreement has come to an End they are pestering me with letters and demands for stupid amounts of money i can not afford to pay them.Can you pm me the email addresses you used to get through to these muppets please .I have been toying with the idea of just ignoring them and letting them take it to court but they don't seem to want that ,they just send me demands stating if i don't pay by a certain date i can ask the court for more time even though it hasn't gone to court ??? .Anyway thanks in advance .John
  7. Managed to get all charges for the last 5 months taken off my accounts and all interest frozen for 6 months .And a payment arrangement of £10 on each account i have with them (8 accounts) for the next 6 months .I wrote a letter of complaint to there customer excellence team and that seemed to work.I did notice tho that not one letter has threatened court ,they all say that if i don't pay they will have not choice but to put a black mark against my credit rating oh no!!! lol.
  8. Thankyou taylorit,after reading your post i googled and found a different address to that one , Anthony Baldwin Head of Customer Excellence Shop Direct Group Sandringham House Sandringham Avenue Chelmsford CM92 1LR I sent a recorded delivery letter with a list of all my in and out goings a week ago.I haven't heard anything yet,if they don't get back to me ill try again using the address you used.You'd think in this day and age they'd have a bit more understanding .thanks again:-)
  9. hi taylor ,. i have 8 accounts with these morons and ive sent letters made phone calls emaild them and each time i get the sorry your offer does not meet our minimum payment criteria crap response. i have been sent default letters they are adding more and more charges. .I have just decided to ignore them as they have me but i see you managed to get a payment arrangement and fees taken off by complaining. can you post that address please ? we owe about £9000 but stopped being able to afford the payments due to my self employed work taking a nose dive and my wife going part time hours at work. dont let it all get to you its only money and they are not priority debts thats why thy dont jump to taking us to court.
  10. i just got your email lee,thankyou for your help
  11. They are due to take there £10 tomorrow .Not had a visit yet be interesting to see if they take the money .
  12. Seems they have just decided to carry on ignoring us and keep sending statements asking for more and more money .Little woods wants £300 this month to catch up lol. we got 8 accounts with these people and a lot of interest and charges being added at this rate ill be paying them till im 85 lol .i did send them all a payment of £30 each at first but now im not paying them nothing untill they take us seriously.just an update for you all
  13. Got another letter today from them saying they will be calling at my house between 6th June and 6th of jully unless i phone them to stop this action.They took £10 from my bank on the 28th of may so its not like i'm not paying them.Anyway just thought id give you that update lee thanks for what ever your doing for me:-)
  14. hi lee i have emaild you heres the ref #6538183 thanks a lot:-)
  15. 6 months?? is there someone at the top we could write to? we've emaild em wrote to em and phoned em and all we get is you cant pay that amount computer says no lol. i was going to pay them token payments but i see you dont.Sod em im going to go live my life and ignore them the way they have me and you .
  16. Minmoo how long does it take for them to default you? they are sending me statements now as normal with 2 months back payments due as if ive never contacted them lol
  17. When they contacted me and accepted the £10 a month they asked for bank details.I thought it was going to be a direct debit but it turns out its like a standing order so if i dont have the money in my account the bank cant charge me a fee.Its a bank i dont have any money paid into tho .Its my pay debts bank account lol.I made the mistake of phoning them today the person i spoke to said if i dont send them proof they will send someone to my door oh no!!!! scary eh? lol. thanks for your answer i wont be sending them any proof .
  18. Due to recent loss of work i have got behind on my Vodafone contract.they sent me to a dca called DRS .they agreed to £10 a month and have taken 2 payments from my bank.But they are insisting i send them proof of my earnings and benefits in order for this payment amount to continue.Do i have to send them proof? I dont realy feel comfortable sending them any of my private letters or bank statements.
  19. Thanks we are going to ignore them now,waite for the DCA'S to contact us then send them a £1 postal order asking them to send us the original CCA'S and take it from there.Now its war mr grimsdale lol.thankyou everyone for your help.Ive learned a lot from this great forum
  20. We got a letter today saying that the least they can accept a month is £360 and we really cant afford that much.My wife phoned them and they told her she should go bankrupt.She told them to take us to court or sell the debts but they are more interested in adding charges and interest.Weve asked for all our CCA's and we have told them we will stop paying them a penny unless they set up a payment plan and accept the £20 a month on each account (8 in total).Were really at a loss now???We really dont want to go bankrupt over this.can they force us to go bankrupt? sorry for keep posting we just really need any help and any advice we can get right now. thanks
  21. Heres an update ,i wrote them a letter no reply.My wife phoned them on friday 13th may a lady set up a plan of £20 on each account starting the end of this month.After not hearing nothing again i emaild them.Apparently they have no record of a payment plan ever being set up? are they taking the p...???? lol
  22. My wife sent them another email saying what we can afford just to see if they would reconsider .We got back a reply saying Thank you for your e mail regarding a possible payment arrangement. Unfortunately we are unable to accept your offer as it does not meet our minimum payment criteria. Please contact us on 0844 822 4090 within the next 7 days to discuss the options available to you. If we do not hear from you, we will assume you no longer require our assistance in this matter and we would expect normal payments to resume. Please note that failure to bring your account up to date will lead to administration charges being applied to your account and could affect your ability to obtain future credit. Your account may ultimately be passed to external debt collection agencies. just no getting through to these people that we cant afford to pay them the amounts they want each month anymore.I sent them a letter originally to there head office,it wasn't until i emailed them i got a reply.Does anyone know a better department i could contact? or should i just ignore them now and let them send us to the DCA ?
  23. Thank you silverfox1961 i will add that to my letter and print it out to send .minmoo i hope all goes well for you
  24. do i need to get my wife to send a letter saying please allow my husband to negotiate on my behalf? i tried to talk to them at the start but they wouldn't discuss it with me at all.thanks for the advice
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