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  1. hi, i have got the money. just not had anything in writing and therefore haven't notified the court yet. jsut not sure what to do about that!
  2. can anyone help with the above?? still not heard anything from Halifax about the money! any help will be appreciated!! p.s. how do i change my title to include 'WON'??
  3. Morning all! Still bathing in the glory of getting my money back, but i still haven't received written confirmation from the Halifax regarding the settlement. As i have the money shall i notify the court or wait for written confirmation from the bank?
  4. I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo!!! i'm so pleaed!! just checked my balance over the phone and i've had the full amount credited!! costs, interest...the lot!!! thanks for all your help and support!! xx
  5. Still heard nothing!! My other half made me promise not to check my account this weekend, he thinks i'm becoming obsessed!! ha! It's hard not too! Until your doing it you don't realise how much this means!! Back to waiting ...........
  6. CONGRATULATIONS!! Just been to check my account and nothing..........aarrrggghhh!! this is taking over my life!! i eat, sleep and dream the Halifax!! I've still got a glimmering of hope though! i'll keep you updated!
  7. Just got my mum to check if i had any post.....and still.......nothing!!
  8. ignore that.....sorry just seen your signature!!:grin:
  9. Thanks for that Beano! i've still heard nothing! let me know how you get on!! That's great 'mikefellows' may i ask when you issued your claim and when the date of service was?
  10. getting a bit worried now all!! Claim was deemed served on the 23rd and I have received the Ack of Service. but i've heard nothing....keep snatching the postmans hand off....but nothing!! others who are on the same time scale as me seem to have been notified of settlement or received the money!!
  11. WELL DONE!! i'm two days behind you it seems. (deemed served on the 23rd Oct)
  12. Rec an 'intend to defend' acknowledgement yesterday. I've read the longer threads until i'm blue in the face now! looking forward to receiving the defence! should be interesting reading......should it arrive!
  13. Hi, just been reading through your thread. i'm at the same stage as you....very exciting but nerve racking! i have done my claim through MCOL and so it took a few days to get the claim served. Halifax have Acknowledged the claim. should hear somehting pretty soon i hope!!! keep us updated!! GOOD LUCK!!
  14. Hi all, just a quick update. I've done the MCOL and the claim was deemed served on 23rd. Halifax have Acknowledged the claim today. Just waiting now i suppose......
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