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  1. OK thanks, I'll send one now. I'll let you know what happens.
  2. Right OK, do you by any chance know the email address for the head of complaints? I cannot seem to find it. I've searched for it on the internet but all I end up with is just the normal complaints department.
  3. It happened about 7 months ago now. I did issue a formal complaint but I got a letter back saying as they hadnt heard from me, they are dropping it. I mailed them straight away and told them, that I didn't drop it and I got no reply. By that time I had changed my bank.
  4. What should I actually do now? Because I did tell my bank at the time and the police. What more can i actually do?
  5. Well it was Barclays Bank and when I found out what happened, I called them straight away and some guy who could hardly speak English told me that it was still "pending" so nothing had actually gone out and I said if it will go back in my account and he said yes. I waited a few hours and rang again and spoke to someone else who COULD speak English and she told me that it had all gone and that they (capital one) are allowed to do that if I owed it to them. The same thing happened to some guy who ended up trying to kill himself. I even wrote a post about it in my blog:- http://muksblogaboutstuff.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/gambling-advertisements-payday-loan.html
  6. I tried that. i even rang the police. It isn't fraud. Apparently legally they are allowed to do that. Even if you are in a DMP, if you owe any creditor money, they can take it from your account without your say so.
  7. Yeah good point Renegade. Also if you just get a basic account with a new bank, they are obliged to keep it basic and there will be no such thing as an unauthorised overdraft in most cases. Also the CCCS will negotiate with your creditors that you will only pay what you afford but what they won't do is cut any of your interest to your creditors down. My DMP people take a cut of what gets given to creditors but they have cute over £600 interest so far.
  8. Also out of personal experience if you sort out the txt loan with them-just tell them you are entering a DMP plan and they will stop the interest. The problem with the CCCS is that even though they are brilliant at dealing with the creditors, the actual creditors themselves may still keep charging interest if you are only paying £1 . Keep checking your plan to make sure that they don't. Most of the creditors are merciless. MAKE SURE THAT YOU CHANGE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. Go to a completely different bank. Trust me on this as they try taking money out of your account all the time. When I got back in work, I had over £900 taken out by capital one finance in £50 spurts over a few hours until there was nothing left. My whole first wage. I only owed them £200 originally and they put £250 interest but then kept putting interest on and the funny thing was, it still wasn't paid off. I went insane at them on the phone but it didn't get me my money back. What was the reason-the real reason you have taken all these payday loans out?
  9. Nope, not at all. Say for example if you were in a DMP and you owed £2000 between 6 different creditors, you write all the creditors, then the DMP people will contact them all telling them that they will have to go through them to deal with all the money you owe. After they have done that legally the creditors can't contact you, they HAVE to go though your DMP. They aren't allowed to phone or send you letters and if they do, you can just send them (freepost) to your DMP people. You can tell them how much you can afford a month and they will sort our the rest. Takes a lot of hassle off your back. I owe about £6000 but am unemployed so can only afford £50 a month which is what I pay. Also the DMP people will do what they can to negotiate with the creditors to see if they can get interest cut. One of my creditors got paid off with a £400 saving.
  10. Not necessarily. It depends which ones you go to. |The CCCS do any amount, so do a lot of them.
  11. Yes it definitely is. Trust me. The CCCS do it completely free but I didn't stick with my repayment plan. Now I am with Immediate Finance and they do take a bit but it is well worth it.
  12. Hey-you are fully entitled to a full refund including the delivery price. I have worked in retail all my working life and know for a fact that horrid stores such as Currys and Argos would do anything to fleece their customers as much as they can. Store profit is more important then actual customer satisfaction. Profit creates more hours, obviously more money and makes the managers look good. The last thing you should have done was get a more expensive heater because that is exactly what they wanted you to do. Every single customer that walks into a store like Currys or Argos they try to maximize sales as much as possible by doing things like this. It is sickening.
  13. Hi. I am having the exact problems with mini credit. I owe a few payday companies money and have really messed my life up. All I can suggest is to remain calm. You cannot pay what you cannot afford, I have realised that no matter how much they threaten you, they may take you to court, but that will cost them money, if they took everyone to court who they chraged ridiculous amounts to, they wouldn't be able to afford that themselves. I rang them myself to arrange a payment on my next pay day to pay in full. I was paid wrong at work and so couldn't afford it that month and told them that and said I would pay the full £165 or so the next payday, they replied saying that by the time it was my next payday, I would owe them over £400! This was for a loan I took out for £100. I tried reasoning with them, the horrible lady on the phone wasn't having it. I have had numerous sleepless nights and have even cried a hell of a lot for a guy (no offence ladies) but now it has come to the point where I cannot actually do anything so I can't worry. Beacuse I have tried reasoning with them. Please does anyone have a direct email address to them?? As when I log into my account, it won't let me send an email to them, but when I email them at the support-at-minicredit dot co dot uk I get an automated email reply saying I have to go through the homepage which I have tried about 30 times! Do they have another email addresS?
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