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  1. There was no reason stated as to why ticket invalid. This is a scratchcard. You scratch out the time and date etc. There were no specifics as to why this was invalid. There are no photos of this with the PCN. The car was stationary in the place they said it was. If a CEO says I drove off while PCN being prepared does this mean they don't have to provide any photographic evidence?
  2. Code 19S parked in shared use bay with invalid permit. The permit was not invalid. The notice goes onto say that the officer was in process of preparing a PCN, but the car was driven away from place it was stationary before CEO could attach the PCN. The car was supposedly observed at 4.30pm so presumably the alleged driving away took place at this time. At 4.30 pm I was sitting in a pub half a mile away. This was between 3.15 and 5.30. So how could I have leapt into the car and driven it away
  3. Hello After a recent visit to my elderly parents in London to take them food as father immobilised by a back injury and my mother suffering from Alzheimer's I returned home after a few days and subsequently received a parking ticket in the post. The post stated that I had tried to drive away as a PCN was being prepared. This was supposed to have taken place at 4.30pm. At the time I was half a mile away sitting in a pub. My Covid app shows I checked in here at 3.15pm. I paid the bill when I left and the bank tell me this was at 5.17pm. I am trying to get the bank to give me written proof that this was the time I used the card but this is proving problematic as local branch closed because of the lockdown I did not go near the car, or try to drive it away. It stayed in the same spot for the whole period I visited my parents. I renewed the manual tickets scrupulously on time and there was a valid ticket in the car at the time stated. I cant express how unbelievably angry I am over this, as this is a blatant attempt to defraud me of forty quid or possibly more. From reading around various advice sites it would seem that parking tribunals always give councils the benefit of the doubt as they assume parking attendants don't lie. There is zero evidence from the council that this happened, no photos of car or permit, and never can be as the events they describe did not happen. What is the best way for me to challenge this effectively? Any help greatly appreciated
  4. Hello I have rec'd two notifications from SERCO who own DLR that a penalty notice was issued to someone who doesn't live at my address and in fact has never lived at my address. In fact the surname of the person does not exist anywhere. I sent the letters back Not known at this address but am now receiving letters from a debt collection company saying they will be sending round enforcement officers etc. I am not sure what to do now - it is very difficult to prove that someone who doesn't actually exist doesn't live at your address Can someone advise me how to proceed with this as I really need to get these people off my back and I need to know what I am doing before I give them any of my personal details. Many thanks
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