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  1. waiting for a car parking space at the hospital today, only had an hour to visit so was late, but seeing our new grandchild again was worth the wait, and the sister let us stay longer to make up for it lol
  2. i know its very late but just got in i watched my 11 th grandchild being born today, although ive had 5 children myself this is the first baby i have seen being born it was wonderful my son and daughter in law both crying it was really emotional, then later her own dad coming to see his first grandchild and not forgetting her nan aswell it was smiles allround and many tears of happiness goodnight xx
  3. i have the same problem sodem dogs messing out side my house also its filthy, my dogs mess in my garden we puck it straight after it goes down the drain hose pipe washes it the down goes jeyes fluid simply and clean id dont let my dogs mess where people have to walkin it and take it home on their shoes urgh disgusting isnt it,
  4. @ Nystagmite, what would we do without history , makes you wonder where this tutor was taught dont it haha
  5. thankyou malb, aww how nice to show their appreciation for your hard work, it makes your job worth doing and a nice way to say thankyou as well,
  6. went with my daughter in law to see her midwife today she was told any day now whoop whoop,
  7. ok thankyou for your help, never knew you could claim this back, but thanks
  8. i wasnt on here today i was out but my family were think they were having a laugh, so lets drop it now
  9. dont blame you malb, i love my sunday roast one of my sons whos moved out comes round for his roast every week with his partner she loves my roast dinner even though she can cook a good roast herself as i taught her lol but she still loves my potatoes the best lol
  10. i agree malb this was last night about just after 9 pm there were 2 of them hanging a round a van they waited a few minuts then took thwir photo the van is still there today lol but i think they work different hours especially as i live at the coast and visitors park everywhere and anywhere dont they never seen them in my area that late before though
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