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  1. Hi Sidwinder, Thank you for your quick reply. The letter i recieved was worded like a disaplinary letter saying that i could bring a Union Rep if i wanted which i find very strange as why would i need one for a Probation review. I have never really got on well with my line manager but have not done anything to warrant this.
  2. Hi Guys and Girls, I'm new to the fourm so hello one and all. I am in need of some employment advise with regards to Probationary Periods. Let me tell you my situation. I have been employed by my company for 11 months and 1. My contract stats that my Probation Period is 6 months which was 5 months ago now. I have been sent a letter last week by my companys HR dept saying that i have to attend a probation review meeting next week which could lead to my dismisal. I have never had a reveiw or had my Probation extended so i asumed that i had passed my probation period.
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