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  1. Is it also worth bearing in mind that during the incident I did actually pay for the items? Just at a fraudulently reduced price ( bar the cheese) so I did actually pay an amount. Wouldnt this have to be deducted from the total amount and/or make the mitigated loss almost indeterminable? The CCTV would show me paying for the items.
  2. I spoke to someone who knows a bit ( not a lot but a bit) about this sort of thing and they claim that if it carries on I could get the police involved for harassment over the internet thing as it is tantamount to stalking. If they read here they will know that I was remorseful and that I apologized to their client. If they read here they would also realise that a deterrant is not needed as the thought of ending up down a police station with a bigger FPN is enough to ensure I never do it again. If they read here they would understand that attempting to bleed money out of me n
  3. Thats the thing I was remorseful, Tesco noted this as its in their report. Dont you think its a good idea I send the apology they said would suffice to suspend it indefiniteley? I mean I did apologise several times to them in store after the incident but havent by way of letter - as I wasnt aware this was an option. It wasnt the kind of thing I expected as an option either, but would obviously have taken it. Also stating the notion I would reoffend is ludicrous, as though I would want to risk a second offence where the police would probably give me a criminal record and/or a FPN aga
  4. I decided to make a new thread as I think this particular letter deserves urgent and strong attention. This is my third thread on this matter the second being here ( it contains a link to the first) http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?357193-MY-RLP-case-has-returned-after-8-months.-Help-please. RLP have sent me a letter that contains copied and pasted posts I have wrote herew with them answering and responding to them. They begin by writing. 'We refer to our letter dated 4th July 2012 which we understand you have published on the consumer action f
  5. So you reccommend I send them a letter simply stating ' I do not believe that this invoice has any valid case in law, these claims and arguements have been previously relied upon and examined and dismissed in Oxford' Should I word it exactly like that ( I am inexperienced in wording letters to state this kind of case you see so kind of need help in writing the thing word for word almost. Thanks for help Rob
  6. I just wondered, and by all means shoot me down and tell me I must NOT reply again to them if thats still the case. Is it worth me sending a second letter ( my first being about 3 months after the incident denying any liability.) stating something along the lines of. I refert to the recent oxfordshire case, where this was effectively what the judge ruled. If any further action is taken I will be filing a defence equal to that of said case. Therefore I am offering to pay £1.95 to your client for the Cheese and as a conclusion to this matter' --------------------------------
  7. So is the consensus still to totally ignore the RLP letters, as it has been for the past 15 months of my case?
  8. This is my previous thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?303042-Accused-of-Theft-price-swap. I thought this was done and dusted but RLP think otherwise. This is the most recent letter they sent me. (the first bit is the same as always is) We refer to the above matter, and that it remains outstanding. You have not engaged in any pre-action correspondence, or made any attempt to address this matter despite us writing to you on multiple occasions. Ignoring this matter will not make it go away. You are aware from our previous correspondence tha
  9. I followed a link through the BBC news article and found this http://www.lossprevention.co.uk/court%20cases.aspx I was under the impression from here that RLP had never taken or won a court case, yet they present here with several cases they claim to have won. Are these faked or have they indeed won cases?
  10. Would this affect me getting a job as say a carer? Even though FPN is not an admission of guilt? Does this mean that for that one misdemeanour I would be barred from that kind of thing for life? I would rather after a year they didnt show up even on enhanced disclosures. I guess most other jobs dont require enhanced disclosures, but seems a bit odd they would stick around. Edit: Noticed this section on that site. What you'll find on a criminal record check Standard CRB checks will contain details of all spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands and final warn
  11. Hi there. I was given a FPN for price swap/shoplifitng 14 months ago in Tescos, and was just wondering what the deal was with this and disclosures for future jobs. What is the difference between a Caution and a FPN, do you either get one or the other or can you get both, as I dont remember getting anythin that said 'caution' on it, but I did definitely get FPN of £80. I have read conflicting information saying that FPNS do not show up, even on enhanced disclosures, but that cautions do. Is this right? Also for jobs that require a standard disclosure do cautions not even
  12. Over 6 months now and no follow ups, do I assume they have given up now?
  13. After half a dozen letters and one from some wierd debt collector in Scotland the letters stopped about 6 months ago. If you feel you must reply send a letter containing the following. 'I deny any liability to RLP or you're client' Thats it short and simple. No matter how threatening the letters sound just ignore them.
  14. Ok so after about 3 and a half months they finally got back to me, but from a 'different' company. This one is called 'Asset Collection and investigation LTD' The letter says the following. Urgent Tesco vs Mr (my full name) Claim outstanding £161.17 In an attempt to avoid legal costs being incurred by either party our above named client have granted us permission to negotiate the balance of the above claim. If we receive payment or your proposals to pay 60% of the balance within the next 14 days, we will consider your proposal favourably. We are also prepared
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