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  1. Sorry the link didn't work but if you copy and paste this it should work. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/248826/esa214-rev-oct2013.pdf Thank you!
  2. Hi again, Sorry this is a link to the government website. It says on it about disabled students on page 11/12 (special circumstances section). It's the very last bullet point of the list of special circumstances. It does not specify about "youth" or otherwise. Please can somebody clarify this, thanks. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/248826/esa214-rev-oct2013.pdf
  3. Hi thanks, This is an extract from a website A claimant can also be treated as having limited capability for work in respect of certain (usually time-limited) situations. These are the following: For the purposes of meeting the condition of having had limited capability for work for 196 days in order to qualify for contributory ESA through the youth route, a claimant will be treated as having limited capability for work on any day when they were entitled to SSP.8 For income-related ESA, they are a student in education and in receipt of DLA and does not count as a 'qualifying
  4. Hi I hope someone can help me, I have been in receipt of Disability Living Allowance Higher rate care & mobility since 1999. I have also been in receipt of Severe Disablement Allowance (SDA) continuously since 1998. My benefit didnt stop when they scrapped SDA and replaced it with Incapacity Benefit. I was just told I could remain on SDA indefinatly. This was also the case when they scrapped Incapacity benefit for Employment and support allowance. My benefit didn't change. Alas, I have today received a form ESA50 to migrate from SDA to Employment & Support Allowance. I k
  5. Hi all. I got married 2 weeks ago. I began the process of changing documents into my married name. First port of call was my Natwest bank account. The account is a joint account and always has been although obviously my name was my maiden name. I have informed them of my married name and my bank account has now been updated. I then rang to inform tax credits and child benefit of mu name change. This was Easily done without the need to send any documents. But when I rang the Disability Living Allowance (one of the benefits I receive) they told me I need to fax over my marriage certificate
  6. It's so frustrating I know. The Housing wud rather make you uproot your whole family and cause so much disruption and only end up paying the you the same amount of benefit (or maybemore!) at another property!!
  7. Hi quick update. I sent my letter of confession to tax credits back in April as it before the deadline of 16th May. Nothing whatsoever changed (not even my payments!) until last week when they finally stopped paying me childcare. But that is all that's happened! That was last Friday and I've heard nothing since - no letter nothing! I know it's due any day now but the waiting is driving me mad! Anyone know how long before I should expect a letter. x
  8. Hi. I once looked into this with my Local Authority and they said they could only pay me Housing Benefit and treat my mum as landlord if she had had previous unrelated tenants in the property before. In other words they would only accept your Parents as your landlord if they could prove they have previously been a landlord to other people who are not just relatives. This was a while ago now tho and it could be that all Local Authoritys have different rules but that was my experience with mine. x
  9. Hiya - Everyone on here is has been so helpful to me so thought I would aska question on behalf of a friend. MY friend is Disabled on HR DLA and claims Severe Disablement Allowance ( As Incap was called a long time ago). There is such a thing called Permitted Work I beleive she can do but we are unsure of the exact rules. She has been offered just a week and a halfs worth of work for which she will get minnimum wage. She will work 5 1/2 hours per day for 3 days on Week one and 4 days on Week two and then the work comes to an end. Like I said just a temporary one off offer o
  10. WELL DONE YOU TWO FOR RINGING!!!!! So NB7702, Have they calculated the overpayment and given you a rough estimate of how much you owe? And was your overpayment over more than one tax year? If so, did they say you will have to pay a penalty for making a false declaration?? Dis they mention prosecution at all? Sorry for the twenty questions Im just desperate to know whats gonna happen!! Feel free to Message me if you dont want to put everything on here. I wish i could have the courage to phone - im just burying my head in the sand at the mo and will have a heartattack
  11. Hi NB7702, Im still with no change - still waiting for a reply to my letter - nearly 4 weeks now. Well done for writing the letter as that, for me, was really tough. Like you say the enormity of it hits you once you start writing it all down. I too feel so ashamed I cant speak to anyone about it - not even the CAB - I just cant bring myself to say the words. Remember to post the letter Recorded or better still Special delivery for your own peace of mind. Good luck - let me know if anything changes for you. CDJ755 x
  12. I am quite aware of the point you were making and I never at any point in my post said that I disagree with you. The rules on punishment for benefit fraud should be the same across all government bodies. I just thought this site was here for the sole purpose to help, support and offer advice to distressed people - whatever the situation they find themsleves in, and most importantly without judgement. I just found your post rather insensitive given the fact that by your own admission you have read alot of posts from people who are in a desperate situation with tax credits. For s
  13. I felt that watchinginvestigation2011 opinion refers to fraudulent tax credits claims in general.
  14. Dear watchinginvestigation2011 On behalf of all the desperate people on this forum who come here for some support and sympathetic factual advice without judgement or irrelevant opinions - THANK YOU! Thank you for making us feel even lower than we already did. Yes there is a difference with the way Govenment bodies deal with Fraud and I do agree with you that it can seem unfair but I dont see how this forum is the place to air your opinions regarding this matter, especially after you have read how many desperate people are on here looking for ADVICE. Not a soft ear, nor a harsh r
  15. Hello iminsuchamess and Retman Just been reading thru your posts and im in same boat as you. I have overclaimed around £18K in childcare over an 18 month period and Ive sent in a letter of confession after my claim was selected for review. I sent the letter as Im too petrified to ring them. I sent the letter 3 weeks ago and they STILL havnt suspended my childcare costs (i get paid weekly). Im in total limbo. Im just wondering have either of you sent in a letter of confession yet or rang up to confess and have HMRC stopped your payments of childcare? Or have they even contacted
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