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  1. hmmmm right, update time. I noticed at the end of December i got a refund on my Barclaycard (I still use it) of £1300, and a letter thanking me for my signed acceptance of the ppi offer (which i never received or signed !!) which included a cheque of £1300. Great I thought a total of £2600, roughly what i expected, even though i had not signed acceptance of any offer i was happy and left it at that and cashed the cheque. A month later i noticed that Barclaycard had taken back the £1300 they had credited to my card the month before ??? So what do i do now, i didn't sign any acceptanc
  2. Hey, just had a letter from Barclaycard saying they are calculating what is owed and will make the offer before the end of January 2013, slowly slowly catchy monkey.....
  3. I assume a bridging loan would be the best option ?
  4. thanks for the reply, would ocean or xxxxxx offer a secured loan without a credit check you think ? The property was bought with cash a few years ago so their is no original lender.
  5. thanks for the reply, i tried the banks but my credit is very poor and i am self employed. Anybody know of other companies like xxxxxxx that will offer a loan on the property with out a credit check. It isn't my home its a second property i bought to do up and sell on or rent out.
  6. Hi guys and girls, i wonder if anybody can help me i'm looking for some finance by using my property i have for a secured loan of around £10,000 to £15,000, problem is i have poor credit. I own the property with no mortgage or debt owing on it. I did try a pawnbroker and although they will give a 24 month loan on a property with a very high interest they wouldn't do it for me as the property is in north wales and they only cover england. Any ideas would be welcome.
  7. Ok thanks, i'll update you guys once i know what the offer is.
  8. An update guys and girls, had a letter from FOS claiming that Barclaycard has said it is willing to make and offer in return for a admission of no liability, is this a good thing ?
  9. Is there a maximum time one has to wait for a verdict from FOS, or not ?
  10. Just an update guys, stll waiting for a decision from FOS, getting a little impatient now
  11. Complaint to FOS regarding barclaycard sent, will update when i hear something back, how long should it take ?
  12. Thanks mate, I'll try FOS first and take it from there. What's your experience with Barclaycard at the moment, I understand that barclays was one of the banks that decided to pay off all complaints up to a certain date this year. Unfortunately my complaint was initiated after this date. Are Barclaycard just refusing all complaints after this date and hoping we will give up ?
  13. Thanks for you reply, What would you recommend, try the FOS or start court proceedings ?
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