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  1. Gary, as Lattie says above I should email a mod to add me on this litigation list. I have received my cheque so will be banking it this week. When it has cleared I shall make a contribution to CAG. Please could you arrange this. The total figure won is £2540.55 Thanks for everybody's guidance in all this, I am really happy.
  2. No I haven't told the court yet, cos I thought I had to wait until I received my money from HSBC first, that's what I am doing. Court date isn't set yet anyway. I'm confused with what I have to do with the Litigation Spreadsheet etc. and how does it helpt with court bundles, does this relate to me? I PM'd GaryH like you said to say I have accepted an offer but I didn't get a confirmation and my thread title hasn't been changed. Not sure what I am supposed to do!?
  3. I have an offer from DG arrived early this week. I have accepted and waiting for cheque. Just hope this hoo-ha with Lloyds affects it though cos haven't got my money yet! Anything could happen...... they could refuse my counter offer as I used the CAG template saying I don't agree to not making other claims or confidentiality. Lets see........
  4. Well, I am only over drawn but I don't have any debt collectors knocking on my door or anything. So, DG will give me my cheque then, hopefully. Thanks guys!
  5. Wow, congrats! I hope mine will be sent by cheque too then, I requested that too.
  6. I've found my earlier thread, it has been merged into the Lloyds thread........ I sought some informal legal advice from a mate, take it as you will regards the whole matter : What you've done is a counter offer. They are not bound by your offer, they do not have to accept it. They may not now, but you never know... they may still consider it a bad tactic to proceed cos they wont want to risk a negative decision in the Mercantile Court. (Its High Court therefore binding on lower courts). Note my case is with the Mercantile Court now, waiting for Court Date. The issue of district
  7. I sought some informal legal advice from a mate, take it as you will regards the whole matter : The issue of district v higher court decisions goes to whether (and which) court are bound by the judgment (ie. must follow it). A lower court decision will still have weight in a higher court - the court will consider it, but doesn't have to follow it. Re: the status of the Mercantile Court, it is a division of the Queen's Bench Division of the High Court - a specialist division for "business disputes, both national and international. It is designed to deal with claims of lesser value and
  8. RHS - looks like another thread has been started in the Lloyds forum by Bankfodder regards the matter and deleted mine off HSBC. I can't find my original thread anymore, it has disappeared. No matter anyways.....
  9. My Lloyds thread has been pulled from this forum...... I guess it was just unnerving to have it on here. But I think people are gonna wanna discuss it right? I saw GMTV this morning and it had Martin Lewis on it discussing this whole issue.
  10. Oyster - I filed my MCOL on the 8th Feb.... it has taken ages! Lattie - my lawyer mate said as my acceptance letter was a counter offer they now have the opportunity to refuse it. What is the usual procedure after I have sent my acceptance letter? Will they write back and say "ok, we'll pay the money by cheque and we note your position in your letter, etc...." Or should I follow up my letter with an email or phone call just to confirm what they plan to do and confirm I can have a cheque, wont hurt I guess.
  11. Ummm, i'm a bit worried following on from that Lloyds case.... so I wont be celebrating yet until the money is in my account. I have asked that I get a cheque though so I hope they don't just slip it in my account. I used the acceptance template you gave to Katteh and refused the whole confidentiality and that I reserve the right to claim again..... but following on from that Lloyds article maybe they'll get confident and let cases go through the courts.
  12. Aren't most of people's charges based on the fact that they've had insufficient funds in their account hence the charges have been applied in the first place. I think all of us on here know we are not disputing that there shouldn't be a penalty but that they should be reflective of the true costs and the banks are not being transparent as to what those costs are and are charging us extortionate penalties. I know with my claim most of the charges were based on being overdrawn and insufficient funds.
  13. I hope this doesn't affect the offer DG just made me!? Fingers crossed we are all panicing for nothing
  14. Has anybody seen this??? Just posted this afternoon on BBC! BBC NEWS | Business | Bank's overdraft charges upheld Is it time to get worried?
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