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  1. Here's the sign that PCM have put up - Is there any loopholes?
  2. Thanks Ericsbrother, knew you would come up trumps. She took a 'photo of the sign and is staying the night with me so I will show her these posts and do as you have suggested.
  3. Havinastella ......will ask about ownership and the signs tomorrow.
  4. My daughter is the owner of the property. Will ask about the contract with the Housing Assoc. Probably had to buy the permits because its a close and not a street or road.
  5. I have just read some posts and it seems it would have been best if she had not written to them. The parking is not allocated as Ericsbrother asked in a post.....
  6. Hello, I am writing on behalf of my granddaughter who received a PCN from a management company as above subject (PCM) for not displaying her permit. Her car had been in for repairs and the permit on the floor of the car. She wrote to the company and explained; but she received a refusal back. They do not dispute she holds a valid permit but the "operative was unable to determine whether the car was allowed to park there" . They say in the letter she has a number of options:- Pay the £60 charge within 14 days, if not it increases to £100. If she believes the decision is incorrect she can use www.theIAS.org to appeal. If she uses this service the offer of a discount would be withdrawn! She is 19 and gets the minimum wage. Her mother purchased 3 of these parking permits when she moved in last year. Does my granddaughter have a leg to stand on. Any help would be gratefully received. The letter from them is dated 23 March so the 14 days has gone by because she said she didn't think she could do anything about it but I said I would get some advice from you.
  7. Going looking at all my old posts and realised I didn't let you know the outcome..... Well I won... proved I was in Lidls over an hour (my family says I should live there!) haha
  8. And any hope of a donation is out of the window! I love this site they have really helped me in the past.
  9. My husband is on dialysis 3 times a week and was in hospital with a chest infection at the time. I will be as succinct as I can. Our old car gave up the ghost and had a Exemption Car Tax attached to it. We bought a stop gap car which was a category 'C'. The garage gave us 2 forms, 1 to obtain a log book and 1 to apply for car tax. I switched the insurance from the old car but during all this my husband was ill ... panic to a certain degree. I tried to find a website on the DVLA to explain the fact our Tax was exempt and it needed to be switched to the new car but of course I needed the replacement log book (this takes up to 5 days). I paid the clamping fee of £260 and the woman on the end of the phone said I could try appealing when she had listened to my story of why it was not taxed but told me to take it off the road, I then considered renting a car but thought why don't I pay the £99 for 6 months car tax (would be cheaper). I went to the post office and they did it all for me .... the application for the log book and the car tax was paid. I think this was a bit of an unusual case where the Tax Exemption comes in....and the time frame. Where do I appeal for the cost of the £260 ...
  10. Better than a response I got with Lidl's a couple of years ago and like you do 90% of my shopping there. They replied, if my memory serves me right, saying that they have no connection/jurisdiction over Athena .... but thanks to this site and all the advice given won my case. Just recently sent off copy of receipt, husbands disabled badge along with copy of our car insurance ..... will let you know the outcome. Just love ericsbrother.
  11. Going over my old comments....came across this.....know its a long time ago....but what was the outcome? Would be nice to know....just saying....
  12. Hey....what happened then....got same parking ticket at Lidls ...
  13. I don't mind giving you my car reg and pcn no's if you want to look yourself. And the sentence words to the effect further evidence is held.
  14. Mind came from Bexley Council but apparently Bromley deal with it now so I've been told.
  15. Sent original pcn's back with appeal....but having looked at the photos again...it does say just above (which I missed) further evidence can be seen. Will ring them Monday to find out where I can view this evidence.
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