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  1. Hi All A charged certificate has been issued because i missed the 28days to appeal, i was out of the country for a family bereavement. The amount due is not £195. I want to appeal to the traffic adjudicator. What do i say is the reason for the lateness? is a valid reason to say i was away?
  2. Thanks. Am really annoyed, i dont understand why he keep playing me when he knows am right. Thank you for the advice.
  3. I bought a car from SWS Car Sales, https://www.swscarsales.co.uk/ Cheam road. Epsom. Surrey on 9th February 2019. On 5th of April, the car brakes disc and pad went off. I had a bad feeling about the car from the onset but been a novice to used cars, i thought nothing of it. I called them to explain the situation but i was told that i have no warranty and i am not entitled to repair or refund because he gave £95 discount. I sent a rejection letter and after two weeks i sent letter before action. He called to offer for me to pay £95(the discount) and he will repair the car, i refused since i am still within the 6 months. I took the company to small claim and they have replied to reject my claim saying i need to pay the £95 and they will repair the car, i have two quotes from two repair garage at a cost of £400 including labour. To be honest, i dont want the car anymore because i believe they wont repair it to a good standard. Should i go to mediation or ask for full refund? Defendant’s response
  4. Hi All, Got a Code 62 for" parking with one or more wheels on or over a footpath or any part of a road other than a carriageway". The space where my tires overlap the parking lines, is also a free parking space. I am wondering how to challenge this? .
  5. No...I don't....I just found my surname on the form was wrong but all other details were right.....can I say am not guilty cause the surname on the form was mine? Am really worried about losing my job if I had an endorsement on my license
  6. What I really need help is whether I should plead guilty or take my chance in court.i replied to the police enquiry about the driver but not sure if they have it or not.
  7. Thanks but am worried that calling them might mean I have to agree to the guilty plea, am sure the are going to deny receiving my details. At this point, am not sure if it's going to help my case if I plead not guilty because I have sent my details but may lost in the post or they didn't get it....
  8. Flashed doing 38mph in 30. Am a mobile response security guard in an emergency situation. The police sent me the letter replied with all my details then I get this charge . Am not sure what to do... .do I plead quilty (I might lose my only job if I have 6points on my license) or should I plead not quilty I don't have the evidence of sending my details to the police. Please help. ..don't kow what to do.
  9. Hi Five years ago, a friend and his wife were students, they applied for council tax discount and was granted, they applied every year for renewal, submitting all relevant documents and the council was happy to renew the discount with no problem. Five years after the council is now demanding they pay over 5000pounds as back payment. The council said they do not recognise all the documents they submitted and are now demanding the full payment for all the council tax discount granted. Are they allow to do this? the council granted all the renewal request with no problem now they said they do not recognise the documents. All the document submitted are from schools attended. The council is now harassing them with bailiffs, threatening to take their goods, their car and so on. Please advise.
  10. yes......it is a visa debit card.
  11. Hi I booked holiday for my family to celebrate christmas with my inlaws but airline has gone bankrupt and my bank wont do charge back because i paid with my debit card. The airline told me to go to my bank for a charge back but the bank can only do charge back if i had used credit card. What can i do to get my money back?
  12. Tanx guys.....I have called him to apologise for my bad language and things are back to normal. I hate when people tried to be funny or use the word bailifs. Its not my fault he didnt come to pick the cheque but i blamed the weather,economy,war in Iraq, everything i can think of for my bad language and he laughed it off and we are cool.
  13. Hi Pls advise. Letting agent didnt turn up for payment( he comes in to get paid by cheque everymonth), he didnt turn up for two months(didnt know what happened) no calls, no letter nothing, he showed up later to demand the whole two months rent and even threaten to call balliff. There is no problem in paying him but his action is so annoying i told him f** off. There is enough fund to pay him but is he allowed to demand the two months rent at once while it was him that didnt come to pick up the cheque like he always do for the past two years?
  14. We have the Notice to Owner but no charge certificate or order of recovery.
  15. I got a letter from Hampton Legal saying as as a Legal owner of of this debt Lowell Portfolio Ltd would like to make one final offer to resolve this matter amicably. *Pay 50% of the balance to settle the account.
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