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  1. Hi everyone, For the last couple of years I've had all my mail forwarded to me from my previous address. This arrangement has come to an end now, and I've set my self up with a mail handling company who provide a mailing address for me. I do have debts (no CCJ's or insolvency etc) which DCA's are contacting me about, with the usual threats and mentions of doorstep collections etc. Mostly, a CCA request tends to shut them up. However, in order to stop bank statements etc going to my previous address and either being opened by the current occupants, or returned, I need to provide the banks etc with a current address. I assume that if my new living address is inputted into one of the banks' systems then this will show up on my credit file and before I know it, everyone will have it and soon there will be DCA's laying siege to my current address, which I'd really hate. And my stress levels would go through the roof. Do I have to provide my living address or can I give them just the mailing address? What are my options, if any? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks in advance Skinty
  2. Hi folks, An update, and great news! After reviewing the evidence etc, and my arguments and contributing factors etc, they have written to me telling me that the overpayment is not recoverable and I don't have to pay it back. They have still however nicely asked me to pay back £35 for original court fees I had a few other things on my plate that I had to deal with over the last few months, all a question of priorities unfortunately. So I didn't proceed with setting aside with the court. Now however I'm in a better position, I guess ? What about the £35? Should I just pay this right now and draw a line under the affair or can I look at getting this back as well later, when the set-aside is underway?
  3. yes they did, actually. But it still sounds as if they're asking us to do THEIR work for them? On one level whether the CCA exists is immaterial, it's whether the DCA can provide it to show they can legitimately pursue it. But maybe I've got it wrong, so all opinions welcome!
  4. Hi folks, A quick question. I sent a DCA a CCA request. They've not been able to furnish this. Instead they maintain that I should send in a request for the CCA to a dept. of the creditor. I was working on the principle that it was up to the DCA to provide the debtor with the CCA as a way of proving they were entitled to ask for payment etc. In other words, if the DCA can't supply the CCA to me, then they in turn can't pursue it. Is this right? I've got a feeling that they have run into a brick wall, and are just chancing it. But I'd appreciate feedback!
  5. Hi chaps, I've not sent the letter yet as I've been out all day, but rest assured it will be getting done tomorrow. I can't wait to fire it off in the post and wait for their next comical response!
  6. No, I did not. Everything seemed fine when they sent their replies saying they were putting things on hold etc. So, an 'account in dispute' letter certainly seems in order now. What about the data protection issue?
  7. Hi folks, [cue 'Jaws' soundtrack] Just when I thought it was safe...after not hearing a peep from BC and co... they're back! Out of the blue, I got a nasty-gram from BC with the usual blahs**t - "Final Notice" concerning the matter which I'd originally posted about. And they want money. Woohoo. Now, the situation is this - a few months ago I sent the CCA request, and also addressed the removal of my telephone number from their records vis-a-vis Data Protection Act. In short, nobody could furnish my CCA and all was quiet. Then, recently the text messages started urging me to contact them about the matter, quickly followed up by the letter. As I requested the telephone number to be removed months ago, is this a breach of the DPA ? Surely there's no difference between calls or text messages - if they had removed my phone number as per my request, they shouldn't have been able to do either! Then of course there is the not small matter of them not being able to send me the CCA details. As this is well over the 12 + 2 says, should this be (well and truly) 'in dispute' and unenforceable? Any advice on next steps, please!
  8. Hi folks, update time. I received a letter from the DWP trying to explain the matter in more detail. The overpayment occurred because I received part-time earnings and did not inform them immediately. That's their position. Mine is rather different - I declared all my earnings each and every time I went into sign on, and filled out nauseating earnings forms every time I had earnings to declare. In response to this, they say that I may be entitled to a re-consideration of the decision. I need to reply stating why I believe the overpayment decision is wrong. That shouldn't be hard! There are a few issues I can take them to task on. But to summarise these, basically the words 'booze-up' and 'brewery' do spring to mind!
  9. Hmmm..... I guess it's a fait accompli - if I update my policy with the new address, then the DCA's will also get this. This is what their Privacy details say.... "To provide an estimate or quote, the purchase of products available through this site and to carry out our obligations for any agreement you have with us We will use your personal information, and may share your personal information with other third parties acting on our behalf, for one or more of the following purposes: Analyse your insurance needs Give you an estimate or quote for our policies Administrate or carry out our obligations for any agreement you have with us Anticipate and resolve problems with our service Would these involve DCA's ?? I guess the only true way of finding out is phoning up the insurance company and seeing what they say. Of course if I ask them outright about this, they'll probbly get suspicious anyway, haha! Talk about a rock and a hard place....
  10. Definitely CCA Freds ! And while you're at it, insist that all comms are in writing. The OFT Guidelines are also quite clear about harassment etc, so do refer to these and chuck in a few sentences in your letter regarding this.
  11. Hi folks, A very quick question. I've moved house and my correspondence from the usual pondlife DCA's are being re-directed. I need my insurance updated with the new address. If this is updated, would the DCA's be able to access this new address somehow and start contacting me here? Hope you can help. Cheers.
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