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  1. This has helped thank you, I have downloaded the form and will include our own income and expenditure. Thank you!
  2. Thats great, thank you for your help. I;m worrying a little bit, with all the bank holidays & weekends coming up our 14 days is now 6 days to get this sorted Thanks x
  3. We have been issued with a Charge for Payment by AA Hutton Sherriff officers for unpaid Council Tax of £392. I arranged a payment plan with this company last year but defaulted due to losing job and not telling them. We were issued with this on Wednesday. We have 14 days to pay or they can arrest our wages/freeze our bank account etc. I have read that we can apply to the courts for a Time to Pay order. My partner is going to call Citzens Advice today to see where we get the forms etc from. Unfortunetly our Citzens Advice office is only open from 10-4 and I work 8-4 and my partner works 9-5. Hopefully Citzens Advice will be able to help and assist over the phone. My question, do you think the Court is likely to grant us a Time to Pay order or as I have already defaulted on one payment plan we will be asked to raise the funds in 14 days? Thanks for any help. Shezam x
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