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  1. Hi I Lived in France until 2006 then moved to Australia we never closed our bank account down,i moved back 2 years ago and today got a letter of a debt collection in France for 2500euros from the account from 2006 which i knew nothing about, the letter was addressed to me even though it was a joint account, this is 8 years old do they have any claim thanks in advance
  2. Hi I moved to Australia in 2006 from France but didn't close my french account down,I have moved back to France and today received a demand from debt collection company for 2400 euros,the bank account was in both our names i have since parted with my wife and they say i owe the money,the debt is over 8 years old and i knew nothing about it,what advise can anyone give me thanks in advance
  3. I have checked the judgment and rang to comfirm,they have not filed a claim through the courts in Australia against me. Avis advised me to contact credit corp,
  4. Although the letter looks offical its a scanned copy it hasn't got the acte just Avis avant poursuites It is not even addressed to me apart from the envolope I have sent a email to Asic thanks
  5. Hi I am in France i have recieved a letter of a Huissier de justice about a debt i have with credit corp.stating that they are taking proceedings against me to enter my House and take goods and the carte grise on the car (which is not mine anyway), what advise could anone offer, thanks
  6. Hi can anybody shed some light on a company called GCS group a company of Debt collectors And what legal rights do they have in Europe Thanks
  7. Thanks everyone, it is for a small amount i guessed it would be hard for them as the debt was in Oz
  8. Hi Can anybody advise me on the following I have received a email today regarding a debt i have in Australia, I live in France and the email is of a french company of receivers who are acting on behalf of credit corp stating that if i do not contact them within the next week the will enter my bank account and paycheck and freeze both, Do they have the right to do this,as the debt is from Australia. The debt is 2 years old.t Thanks
  9. Thanks for that, yes France has some great protective ways, i am returning back to the Uk for a couple of months. so apart from emails i have no contact address. thanks again
  10. Sorry That should read chasing me for debt I was sat in my car using McDonald's wifi :doh:
  11. Hi everyone sorry for this but i am new to this, I lived in Oz for a couple of years and now live inbetween France and UK,i seprated from my wife in Oz and returned to the Uk so did my ex and i have a dept of $30000 which Credit corp has sent me a email demanding payment, The 2 cards were in my name so the dept is mine,i ran out of work so had to return. I have recieved a couple of emails stating that if i dont sort it out they will pass the it to a overseas agent, what can i do? and most important what can they do. I have assets in Europe which i had before i left u
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