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  1. I have now been issued with a 110.00 fine from a company called ethical debt recovery servcies, i now presume this should be a point I will now need to take action if this is now with a debt recovery service your responses would be appreciated
  2. thank you all for taking the time to reply thats eased my mind that the threat of DCA cant go ahead.
  3. As a private parking compnay do they have any further rights to proceed if the this fine is not paid? ive already issued letters disputing this case twice
  4. Hi , Im currently fighting a case with a private parking organisation, I never recieved a fine from them intially and then they sent me a second series of fines for 90.00. Ive appealed against the decision however they have refused to remove the fine as they have sighted they have a picture of my car parked there, however ive sent two letters now advising I have never recieved a fine from them they issued a picture of the back of my car in that area and that they know all of there attendants issue fines... however I have asked them for evidence that a fine was placed on my car and they
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