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  1. Firstly thanks citizenB and silverfox1961 for your continual advice andfollowing of this thread. A huge thanks must go to all CAG admin team includingbankfodder. I have now been paid the settlement which was made without confidentiality. Obviously the thread hasn't been updated for a while so I shall explainevents. In November I was granted permission to add Experian and Phones4u asdefendants and the claim was stayed at the time. However the stay was thenlifted after a mediation period and I wasn't aware that it had been liftedhaving put an N244 form in asking for leave. So the
  2. Just a very quick update for today. I have reached a settlement with Vodafone out of court a week ago. This settlement is without confidentiality and I was awarded £1229 which includes court fees I paid for small claims court. I shall just leave it at that for today but this weekend I shall fill everyone in with a full account of events.
  3. Hi Paragun and and update for all interested.. Yesterday I filed for an amendment to be made with the court to add both Experian and Phones 4u as 2nd and 3rd defendant's respectively. Phones 4u have offered no evidence whatsoever that they have done no wrong. Experian have obviously admitted doing wrong but will not pay compensation. I feel this is the quickest route as opposed to wrangling with Experian for months. They have had their chance to put things right and come clean and instead they prefer to try misleading customers by misquoting law. Although this will obviously
  4. Hi all including Martin, fortunately this isn't about my Vodafone cause for a change. My parents business have been put in a similar position in the last few weeks and have asked me to investigate. They have always had PRS subscription and paid. They have now received a demand of payment from the PPL for the next two years usage and for last year with their additional 50% surchage levied on top. Do they really need it and are they bound to pay for last year having never been 'signed up'. Please can I receive all advice and if you can't post in the thread don't hesitate to
  5. Most recent update: The case has been allocated to small claims court with a date of 20th January 2012. Experian have failed to reply to my 14 day request to finally sort the matter out or be added to court action. I then called up to cancel my subscription to their service. Quite unbelievably their salesman tried to convince me to stay with Experian's service so I could keep track incase the default re-appears. An amazing sales technique I must note which really puts your confidence back in their systems. I have also received a copy of the contract with Vodafone showing the
  6. So a 14 day LBA was sent to Phones4u to actually come up with some evidence acquiting them of fault or they were being added to court action. They came up with the most generic response possible which addressed nothing which I had set out: "Thank you for your recent correspondence dated 3 October 2011 regarding your contract taken out through our Manchester store. We are keen to ensure that all customers have a positive experience and we take all customer comments seriously. Our aim is to offer a friendly and helpful service on every occasion. We acknowledge you wish
  7. What's also worrying is that if I hadn't have been checking my credit report daily then I wouldn't have known it had gone on.If it is a system error and not an induvidual data file error then surely this could have happened to a lot of other induviduals whom have recently had default's removed.
  8. So the most recent update..... Experian have admitted that the two subsequent defaults re-appearing were in fact caused by a system error on their behalf. A rather worrying point that a company who's sole job it is to have very accurate records has had system issues putting default's against someone's name. They did not offer any compensation and partially quoted the DPA section 13 to miss out the stress and distress part. I have written back to them and if they do not pay compensation within 14 days they shall be added as the 2nd defendant. I am now awaiting the allocatio
  9. Did you get a reply from the CEO's director? Or anymore updates...?
  10. Just wondering if someone could clear this random thought in my head up: Obviously the terms on my side were never fully agreed for the contract as the number had to be ported through. This didn't happen so the contract's agreements were never completed. Vodafone's defence is solely based around them stating that the contract was in place so they were allowed to place defaults against my name etc... However.. having read the terms and conditions set out by Vodafone it quite clearly states: "4. Using our services – the rules d) We’ve allocated you a phone number on the
  11. Well I have asked Experian to explain things very simply to me but they still aren't. Here is an extract of the letter I sent them which they received two weeks ago today: "On about 13th May 2001 you were contacted I understand to remove certain entries on my credit file which had been placed by Vodafone LTD. I understand under instruction from Vodafone LTD you removed them however for no lawful reason they were re-instated on 22nd May 2011, removed again only to be re-instated on the 26th May 2011. As you already know on the 1st August 2011 I asked for an SAR to which you ha
  12. Well the allocation questionnaire was handed in before the date of the 12th so that's all gone through to the courts... just have to wait for things to progress from their side obviously now. Phones4u sent me a letter post phone call confirming many of the details, I am awaiting another letter from them in response to one I sent post the phonecall. Hopefully I receive this within the next week. Experian have still failed to reply to the letter I sent them. However they did state in an email to me regarding an SAR which I hadn't felt they had disclosed fully: So according to Ex
  13. Phones4u have been very effective in getting back to me straight away today by telephone. They have confirmed that the contract was never in place because the number was never ported through... I have been told Vodafone must have been aware of this because they were told by Phones4u that the porting had failed to go through, however it appears Vodafone opened up a line anyway (with no mobile phone number) and continued charging. Phones4u's opinion is that Vodafone's offer of £426.08 for my expenses to date is their admittance of liability and that this is a rather late stage to sudde
  14. So to update for everyone.... I have received Vodafone's defence a couple of days ago. The main of it is based around them stating they were lawfully allowed to enter because the contract was entered into. However the contract was never fully agreed because they couldn't port my number across. For the first time in their defence they have placed the blame on Phones4u stating that Phones4u never notified them that the contract had not been completed fully. With regards to Experian they haven't stated in their defence that the two subsequent entries onto my credit file were
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