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  1. Please do not enter any card numbers or bank details as they could take as much as they want from your account .. if you come in to any sort of payment plan ask for there details and pay by standing order or by direct transfer .., also dont set up a direct debit as they can change the amount .. hope this helps
  2. Wonga and payday uk both use experian iam not sure about the others
  3. I think it depends on who you bank with , but to be safe when defualting on payday loans its best to open a new bank account with a new account number ect
  4. I had my account passed over to daniels silverman and i offered the loan plus one months intrest which they refused .. yesterday i get an email from cfo stating i owe them a lower amount and would i like to use there new online payment plan system ... who do i owe the money to ??
  5. MiniCredit are the worst of the worst for customer service and charges no one has ever got into a payment paln with them they just dont play ball at all , i have several outstanding payday loans all but these and cfo and payday express have put me into a plan , i didnt want to risk defulating with minicredit due to the horror stories so i rolled over for a few months tried to roll over today but was refused {£5.50 for the pleasure of refusal !!} bit the bullet and decided to pay in full {£5.50 for the pleasure of paying in full two days early !!} . I will never use these or any payday loan ag
  6. txtloan are fine to deal with ill dig out there bank details asap , wongas details are in the sticky thread at the top of this forum
  7. small family business lol ive just checked there website and they claim to have helped over 100,000 customers since 2006 and over 70% are returning customers , golden rules dont panic , dont be bullyed , only pay what you can
  8. vinothan.vamadevan@wonga.com sorry thats who to email a wonga
  9. Hi , You could try to email the following at wonga i found him to be v helpful Payday uk seem to only let you go into a payment plan once you default , i would advise that your daughter cancels her bank card before her wages are paid into the account as these companys are likely to try for the money ... When setting up payment plans ask for the companys bank details and never give yours / hers or card numbers
  10. Hi , Thanks for the replys , ive emailed daneils silverman with a payment proposel of org loan plus 1 months intreset {£347.50} i recived this from them this morning Please be advised that the amount of £720.31 will have to be paid. Over 12 months this will be £60.03 per month. They have however advised the will accept a settlement amount of £423.78 but this amount will have to be paid off in full and not in instalments. Please see attached form, which our client has required if you wanting to pay in instalments. Please see below bank details, before you can make any payme
  11. Cfo have passed my debt over to daniels silverman after around 2months of me trying to get a payment plan out of them the org loan was for £250 this is what i recived via email Dear Sir/Madam Our File Ref:-
  12. I to have recived an email today stating the same as in trouble from daniels silverman stating that i owe £731 for a £250 loan , what would be my next course of action i tried for a good month to get a payment plan set up but it was just refused i have also made a token payment towards the debt .
  13. Hi , Has anyone got an email address for lending streams collections iam getting no response from there info email address as i need to try and set up a payment plan asap thanks
  14. I had simaler experiences with cf1 , they would not accept a payment paln kept adding charges so ive emailed them every few days and get the same generic response that charges will be added ive made a few token payments of £5 and will keep asking for a payment plan just keeping the money to one side until they agree , these and payday express and micro credit are the worst to deal with
  15. managed to sort this one out emailed and phoned the person who was dealing with my account who was rather appologetic and told me the email stating the dca was sent in error , This is the dca they use Debt & Revenue Services, Moorgate Point, Moorgate Road, Knowsley Industrial With regards to setting up a payment plan it was a long process i had to send bank statements and and i & e i was aiming for a 6month plan but could only manage to get a 3month plan , wda didnt phone me at work and they only txted my mobile asking to contact them , i could give the email of the person wh
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