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  1. ok thanks i will. I have just paid it now.my hearing must be the 1st one at 10 as that is when it opens. i feel sick
  2. Hi. i am just wondering if there is anything i need to do before tomorrow or at the court. my hearing is at 10 and eviction at 11. do you think this will happen? i can make an extra payment today of 200, do you think this will help any? thank you.
  3. what if it is bad news. it will give me no time to sort anything out. i can't stop crying.
  4. hi. i have a new hearing date for 10th may at 10am. this is only an hour before my eviction date and time. they said that was the only date and time they had.
  5. Morning. i am just on my way to the library to change the amount on my statement So i can print it off and then go to the court.
  6. ok i can say that if they ask. it looks like i have included everything on the budget. but i know i don't have that left over. we buy beer nearly every night and go out once a week but i can't exactly put that down! lol. xx
  7. Hi. thanks. will the judge not just look at what i have left which i have it as £147 after paying an extra £130 already. i don't know what to offer now.
  8. I can go on line tonight and talk to you, also, if I need to change anything in my statement/ I & E I can go to the libary tomorrow and use the printer there. Thankyou xx
  9. Well on my I & E, after taken out the extra £130 I currently pay - it says I have £147 left? God knows how. I would probably struggle, I just wanted to offer a reasonable amount?
  10. I offered to pay an extra £100 on top of the £130 I pay now
  11. Hi, yes I dont finish work till 6 so can print it off here. Just a quick question, on my statment form where I need to enter the amount I can pay towards my arrears, I currently pay an extra £130 on top of my normal payment, so can pay an extra £100 on top of that. So shall I put it as £230? Thanks
  12. Hi, i have a copy of the letter, I didn't send it recorded delivery no.
  13. Also, I did write to northern rock with my proposed offer, an I & E sheet and my recent wage slips and my partners and I never heard anything back from them at all.
  14. Hi, i don't know if I need to mention in my statment why we got in arrears in the first place? If so, me and my partner seperated for a while. Then he was off work after having surgery and not getting paid from work. Also, I dont know if it needs to be mentioned but i have recently got a pay rise, I am also now getting bonuses each quarter which can help towards my arrears. I'm paniking now - can you tell??!
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