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  1. I have commenced the complaints procedure, at first they said I wasn't even allowed to make one because I'm not a customer any more! Thank you for the replies, I've heard a lot that I have no chance of getting my account reopened. Is this true? I am literally furious at the situation they've left me in and I will be at my branch every day when I get home to lodge a new complaint. I return to the UK next week and I can't imagine not having an account. I just called them again. They said I have to wait five working days before I can hear from the appropriate department. I am never a bother like
  2. Sorry I should have mentioned also I am a graduate, when I left I was on a graduate account with no impression from HSBC they wanted to change it. I received some money back today that has bounced from a transfer I did last week. Between the charges and conversation I've lost 50 pounds. But apparently I'm still unwilling to pay!
  3. It was a graduate account when I left but I have a feeling they've changed it while I was away
  4. I would be deeply grateful if anyone can help me. I've been teaching in South Korea for the last year, before I left I told my bank I would be away and they said it was fine as long as I set up internet banking. Which I did. Then they contacted me saying my account is in the debt collections section. I was told I need to pay off 10% over three months. Which I did. One payment was late, I told them transfers may vary as they are coming from Korea. They said it was fine. I heard my account had problems so I called again. I sorted it out, I was told everything is fine just kee
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