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  1. Where's Casper (the friendly ghost) tonight?? I prefer reading his comments than the plain argumentative dribble coming from theghost (the not so friendly ghost i may add) Sorry if i have caused offence with this but as usuall you seem to have completely hijacked the thread and after reading the whole thing twice im none the wiser so at this point i feel sorry for vtr80 who i imagine came on for guidance and left with 1 hell of a blood y headache and a feeling of being forgotten!!
  2. What are your statements saying the balance is at?
  3. If the Brig thinks its valid then chances are it is! after re-reading it it seems to have all the prescribed terms included Your also lightyears away from it being statute barred so you should look at reclaiming as much as possible against this debt even if only to reduce it somewhat. Their current charges are £16 per charge, overlimt - late payment - returned payment, as opposed to the £20 per charge you were tied into with yours. The PPI is probably a definte on the card so start reclaiming and listing the charges to see what you can reclaim. Good luck
  4. That looks like an application for a card not an actual agreement (i may be wrong), beware Red / Lowell / Hamptons or whatever name they try and use to scare people as they more often than not try to represent themselves as being in a far better position than they really are. Lowell are notorius for buying debt in bulk for pennies in the pound on their real value but at the same time are equally well known their lacking of due dilligence and for not checking to see if the debts they buy are genuine, accurate, enforceable or even belonging to the actual person they are chasing. Once they own a debt begins the fishing expedition of junk mailing everybody with the same name till someone responds. They are relentless and use progressively agressive techniquies to extract as much money as they possibly can. I must say im not sure if what they have sent to you is indeed a valid CCA or not, if it is then you need to look at damage limitation. Firstly as you have statements you need to carefully go through them and make a list of all charges they have made to the account and were you missold PPI? Which if so you should look at reclaiming and interest on it. At the very least it could lead to decent reduction in this figure!!
  5. I think a number of DCA's use similar tactics, many years ago after being contacted by three different DCA's regardings 2 diferent debts and explaining to them that i couldn't match their payment demands i received unsolicited letters from many of the so called "low acceptance critera" companies offering loans. I think they pass on your details to them in the hope that you are so worried by them chasing you that you will mindlessly take out one of these loans to pay them with.
  6. Yes indeed a little harsh to say the least, what gets me with these clowns is that not only are they advertising paid for debt help (presumably for people with debt problems) but on the same site they are advertising loans and credit card applications!! http://moneysolvers.financial.officelive.com/contactus.aspx It may be just me and i dont know for sure if they own all the companies on their "Contact Us" page but is that not just trying to tempt people who can ill afford it to put themselves deeper in debt?
  7. at the exact same address as best solutions; Devonshire Court, 20 Newmarket Street, Skipton, North Yorkshire. BD23 2HR are a company called Money Solvers LTD http://moneysolvers.financial.officelive.com/default.aspx Dont know if they are linked but they share an address so i guess its possible
  8. It seems strange that you would be considering the use of delay tactics here. If as you say the debt is not yours why then would you consider stalling to reach statute barred status? Imho i would not delay as i would want this corrected immediately. As for them asking you to phone them to give further information, is the onus not on them to prove you do owe it rather than you supplying them with why you dont?
  9. Oh i see, thank you for educating me to this. I will bear this in mind for the future
  10. it appears to have auto edited my post to read the article change [problem] for..... sc am .....without the space in it as the word wont come up unedited!!
  11. Although not identical this does have similarities to another "court" threat [problem] carried out in America by a DCA of all people. Again the fear of court has had people paying the [problem]mers. http://www.bankruptcylawnetwork.com/debt-collector-[problem]-reaches-new-low-the-unicredit-bogus-courtroom-[problem]/
  12. I dont know about minimum but i had one registered against me nearly 6 years ago for a debt of only £178
  13. Wholeheartedly agree here, Lets put it this way if these guys: DonkeyB BRIGADIER2JCS coledog & hillards were offering me advice you can be damned sure i'd be listening, and very carefully too!
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