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  1. Thanks for the reply. For info. as of January 2014, this council no longer offers discounts on such properties which are not occupied. I just rang them - they said as it has gone to summons, I still need to pay £65 for each flat, even though I paid them in full (the summons was on 3 Sept and I paid on the 9 Sept as I didn't go to the property to check for mail).
  2. Hi All, I purchased a property which is split into two self contained flats, however, it is derelict (not habitable) and requires lots of work. I also work out of town and am not always in the city it is in to check mail. I've checked the letters there and: 1. Dated 3rd September I received a summons to appear at court on 1st October for the two flats. 2. on 9 Sept I paid the bill (previously received) in full for both flats (having not been back to the property to check for any new mail) 3. Dated 3rd October is a letter stating that I must pay £130 (total £260) for each flat which is £65 council tax and £65 costs and if this is not paid within 7 days council agents will be instructed to collect the debt (i've checked the mail today on 15 October). My question is do I have any grounds to appeal this as: 1. The property is empty since purchase. 2. I paid the original bill in full. 3. I often work out of town. HELP PLEASE!
  3. Hi Previous post here about him being hassled by debt collectors is in the debt forum. An update. After a few letters to both blackhorse and the debt collectors, they ceased their harrassment. My friend is still paying. I have tried a PPI claim sending letters and the FOS form to blackhorse, saying: However, blackhorse have written back and rejected the claim saying: I have checked his documents and he has been sent a copy of the Demands and Needs Questionnaire which they undertook on the phone and it states the following main questions: Will you be under 75? YES Would you like your repayments to be paid in the event of involutary unemployment of 30 consecutive days or more? YES Would you like your repayments to be paid if you were unable to work due to accident or sickness for 30 consecutive days or more? Would you like your agreement to be rapid if you were diagnosed with a critical illness or were to lose your life?YES Have you sought or received medical treatment for any condition over the last 12 months? NO I still feel my friend's claim still stands due to the points made in the original letter, however, I would like to gauge opinions on this and what my next steps should be for him? Thanks.
  4. Hi A friend of mine has a loan with blackhorse on which he has made some late payments but still pays each month. However, he has now received lettesr from nationwide debt collection services limited asking for the payment in FULL (i.e. the full remaining loan plus charges) or legal action will be taken. He isn't very good with letters etc, so has asked me to help him. What should be my next steps? Thanks
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