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  1. Forgot to mention that when they tried to take the payments again, the money was always there, but I guess 3 late payments was too much :/
  2. I had every intention of paying the money, Its not like i was trying to jip them, I simply made a samll error in Dec, and the resulting charge has caused the situation to escelate to the point I'm at now. I suppose I can try and call them again, but I don't expect a different outcome to the one I recieved on Friday. Might call in to Citizens Advice in the morning to see what they say, failing that, I'm just going to get into increasing debt because when they try to take the money, it wont be there, so the bank will charge me for a returned DD, and the insurance company will probably
  3. For several years now I have paid my car insurance up front, either with money earned from working or from student loan payments, however since leaving uni last year (I went back to uni age 27 for 3 years) I have been unable to find work, so for the first time I have had to pay my car insurance by monthly installments. My policy started in january this year, and I have tried really hard to ensure that my bank account contained enough of my JSA payment on the dates that my DD was due out. Unfortunately, due to a small charge in January made by my bank for going over my overdraft in Decembe
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