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  1. Hi still no response gonna re send letter just to remind them. Little one is doing well thanks.
  2. yeah she arrived last weds at 3am hope to send them a reply this week.
  3. hi they have sent a letter back asking for more details on complaint and have said they have put account on hold for the time being. Am about to have a baby so am trying to deal with there request and will post with in next week.
  4. Hi not heard anything since august have sent letter of complaint a couple of weeks ago and no response yet. Letter sent to oft but dont have recording of calls as phone only stored it for 1 week.
  5. Hi We are moving house in next few weeks do i need to notify hfo or let them find us again ?
  6. Have recieved there complaints procedure this morning. Do i now go with making a complaint to them ?
  7. No worries coledog is it still okay to post on this one with any responses or should i start another one ?
  8. okay thanks both will get a letter of to them tomorrow
  9. Have just recieved from them all the documents again same bits still not read able and a letter saying this is in reference the documents you requested from us regarding your outstanding BARCLAYCARD account. please find docs enclosed. your account will now be referred back from buisiness support group to ur account manager who will contact to discuss the outstanding balance. alternatively please contact ur acct mngr business support group on 08456061573. ( no calls at yet ) Well they still haven't done last request. Do i resend letter or is there anything else i can send ?
  10. Thanks coledog will get that off to them today. Thanks so much for all ur help.
  11. Hi coledog Have u had any joy with findind document ? just wanna get something of to them as soon as.
  12. yeah up until the default. Just trying to find out if they have a debt managment company letter as my husband thought it was all cleared through one but he has no idea who with so were hoping they could throw some light.
  13. They only sent a statment of account no notice of assigment or anything else.
  14. Okay thanks coledog. Wats my best way for getting rest of my sar to phone or write again to barclays ?
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